Any Regular Pattern in Passport Colors?

November 11,2016 Editor:AT0086|

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Passport around the world have red, blue, green and black four colors, but there is not have a strict classification system for the specific colors.

1. The Blue:

Caribbean countries generally use blue passport, customs union, such as Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay is also predominantly blue

2. The Red:

Mainly use by EU Member States or the one want to join the European Union Countries, such as Turkey recently took the passport to red. Moreover, in the past European colonial or semi-colonial in Asia also most use red passport, such as China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.

3. The Green:

Muslim country passport basically is green, because of the color of the green is very important for Islam. The economic community of West African states is also a green passport, fuzzy sovereign state also adopt green passport, such as South Korea, north Korea and Taiwan.

4. The Black:

The black color passport only in Botswana, Zambia and New Zealand few countries.And the reason New Zealand pick up black as the passport color is based on its national color is black.

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