How can I use WeChat Wallet to book a taxi?

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As well as being a text and video messaging app, WeChat (aka Weixin in Chinese) can also be used to order taxis, because it features a built-in version of taxi app Didi Dache. Before you can use it, you’ll need to set up your WeChat Wallet; once that’s done, the steps below will get you on your way in double-quick time.

Note that although the WeChat Wallet set-up procedure is in English, the taxi function, like much of the Wallet section, is in Chinese. This article will take you through the process of ordering your taxi, but you will need to have your destination address (and, if you don’t have location services enabled, your present location) written in Chinese. It might be a good idea to get a Chinese friend to help you write down all of your most frequently-used locations in your phone’s notepad app, so you can copy and paste them as needed in the future.


Step-by-step guide

1.Open WeChat.

2.Press the “Me” button at the bottom of the screen, then tap the “Wallet” option.



3.You will be taken to the main Wallet options screen, below. Press “Order Taxi.” 



4.Below is the taxi-ordering interface; the current location field can be filled in automatically if you turn on your phone’s location services (there may be a pop-up to ask you if you want to do this; otherwise, use your phone’s settings function). Input your destination in the field below; the app will create drop-down list of your previously used destinations, so if you learn to recognize the characters you should find it easier to return to those places in the future – though we’d still suggest using the phone’s notepad function to save copies of your regularly used addresses. Finally, select the tip amount you are willing to pay on top of the ride price: none, five yuan, 10 yuan or 20 yuan. The higher the tip, the more likely you are to get a taxi; we wouldn’t suggest putting “none” if you’re in a hurry to get moving.


A: “Hello, where are you going?”

B: “There are 110 taxis nearby.”

C: Your current location (the image has been pixilated because the phone automatically inputted the writer’s location).

D: Your desired destination.

E: The tip you are willing to pay, in yuan.

F: “Call a taxi.”


5.Type in your mobile number. After the taxi driver picks up your order, he or she will need it to contact you and pick you up. Press “get verification code” button on the right, and a verification code will be sent to your mobile number; you need to type it in the field further down to proceed. On phones with smaller screens, you may need to scroll down to reach the Start button.


A: “What is your mobile/cell number?”

B: “Your taxi driver will call you when they arrive at your location.”

C: Enter cell number here.

D: “Get verification code.”

E: Enter verification code.

F: “Start.”


6.This is the interface you will see when the app is calling a taxi for you. The number in the middle indicates the number of taxis that have received your request. If you wait too long and no taxis answer your order, you should consider offering a bigger tip. “Generous rewards rouse one to heroism,” as the old Chinese proverb says. 


A: “Order received; calling taxis for you now.”

B: “Closer taxis will be prioritized.”

C: Number of taxis being contacted.

D: Tip.

E: Cancel.


7.When a taxi driver picks up your order, the app will show you his/her surname and license number, and the company the taxi belongs to. You will also receive a WeChat message telling you the driver’s information. 

If for some reason you can’t take the taxi you’ve ordered, press the orange telephone button on the right of the screen to call the driver and let them know. If you do not let them know and keep them waiting, they may file a complaint against your account, so that next time you may find it harder to find a taxi. If you do cancel the ride, press the “Did not get in taxi” button after calling the driver. 

If you do take the taxi, wait until you’re in the car and then press the “Got in taxi” button. When you arrive at the destination, the driver will type the charge into his phone, and you will be given the option of paying by cash or through WeChat Wallet. 


A: “Your taxi is on its way.”

B: “Please make sure your phone is able to receive calls, so your driver can contact you.”

C: Your driver’s surname.

D: The license place of your taxi (left, pixilated in this image) and name of the cab company (right, unpixilated).

E: Distance from you.

F: Estimated arrival time.

G: If you want to cancel your order, please contact the driver [using the orange 'phone' button above] ASAP. The buyer will receive 28 credit points for this order.

H: “Did not get in taxi.”

I: “Got in taxi.”


Now you’ll never need to tire your arms waiting for a taxi again!

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