How to withdraw money from WeChat Wallet?

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Cash out the money in your WeChat Wallet quickly and easily with our guide! And if you haven’t signed up to WeChat Wallet yet, here’s how.
1: Log into your WeChat app; you should see the screen below, or something like it. 
Wechat withdrawl 1

Tap A to show your personal page. Then tap B to access your Wallet.

2: You will now be in the screen below.

Wechat withdrawl 2

Tap A and you will be taken to the balance screen 

3: You will now see how much money is in your WeChat Wallet account, in Chinese yuan. 
Wechat withdrawl 3

Tap A to withdraw the money.

4: The next screen will allow you to choose the card/account to pay the money into, and the amount to be paid.

Wechat withdrawl 4
Tap the down-arrow (A) if you want to change to another bank card if you don’t want to transfer the money into the one shown. If you didn’t add another card earlier, you can do so after tapping this arrow too (we’ll cover this in step 7). Tap B to input the money you want to withdraw from WeChat Wallet and tap Next to proceed.

5: You will see the confirmation screen.

Wechat withdrawl 5

Confirm the amount of money you want to withdraw. If it is correct, key in your six-digit payment password.

6: You’re done!

Wechat withdrawl 6
Text A reads: “Your withdrawal application has been submitted, and the money will be transferred to your bank account within the same day.” You can see the bank card and withdrawal amount on this page. Click Done to finish the procedure and wait for the money to be transferred to the bank card.

7: If the bank card you want to transfer the money to in your WeChat wallet to is not yet linked to your WeChat account, follow up to step 4, then press B in that diagram. 

Wechat withdrawl 7
8: Once this is done, key in the amount you want to transfer and tap Next to proceed.

Wechat withdrawl 8

9: Key in the password, as per Step 5

10: You will see the following screen:

Wechat withdrawl 9

You can only link your own bank cards to WeChat Wallet, so your name will be automatically shown in A. Put in the card number in B. When you click Next, the app will guide you to Step 6 to finish the procedure.


Useful Chinese words and phrases

支付密码Payment password



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