Top 10 China’s Universities for MBBS study with moderate tuition fees


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Top 10 China’s Universities for MBBS study with moderate tuition fees
1. Jiangsu University
Duration: 6 years
Tuition fee: RMB26000 (about 3500 USD) per year
Location: Zhenjiang

Jiangsu University is a teaching-and-research-oriented comprehensive university in China. It is one of the first group of universities that offer master and doctoral programs and one of the Top 100 Universities in China. There are eight hospitals affiliated to Jiangshu University which spread in Jiangshu, Shanghai city, etc. Therefore, students can have internship in different cities of China.

2. Central South University
Duration: 6 years
Tuition fee: RMB32000 (about 5160 USD) per year
Location: Changsha

Its medical school (Xiang Ya Medical School) ranks top 10 in China and is a modern and complete medical training institution with origins relating to Yale University. The MBBS program is the national key construction program in this comprehensive university. Moreover, its tuition fee is moderate compare to other top universities. 

Duration: 6 years
Tuition fee: RMB26000 (about 4195 USD) per year
Location: Zhengzhou

This university is a key provincial university and it is famous for its medical school because there are 9 hospitals attached to it so that many internship vacancies available to its students. Moreover, this university offers MBBS program in English and the tuition fee is not relatively lower than many other top universities, so it is very popular among international applicants.

Duration: 6 years
Tuition fee: RMB30000 (about 4840 USD) per year
Location: Nanjing

The College of Medicine in Southeast University is regarded as an important base in the national medical education. Besides, there is a newly constructed Clinical Experimental Center in this university so that students have more chances to do practice there. Besides, Nanjing City is a city with long history that leaves deep impressions on visitors and students alike.

Duration: 6 years
Tuition fee: RMB40000 (about 6452 USD) per year
Location: Wuhan

This university enjoys a very high international influence and it is also one of top 10 universities in China, its world famous Tongji medical school ranks top 3 in China so there are many famous professors working there as the supervisor for both Bachelor and Master students. Besides, there are two 5 Tri-A hospitals attached to its medical school so that you can get many chances to do practice in hospitals. Moreover, there are many good universities in this city and the living cost of Wuhan is moderate, therefore, if you want to experience a city full of studying atmosphere, you can try this university.

Duration: 6 years
Tuition fee: RMB41000 (about 6620 USD) per year
Location: Tianjin

This University is one of the earliest universities which could recruit international students approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education .The university regards education quality as the core of international student education. Its medical school has all necessary modern teaching and living facilities and fine environment and there is a simulation hospital in the basement especially for students to have clinical practice before internship and after their clinical courses.

Duration: 6 years
Tuition fee: RMB42000 (about 6774 USD) per year
Location: Dalian

It is a specialized medical university and ranks top 5 in China's medical schools. The program can be also taught in English but the tuition fee is a little bit high. However, the fee status is not high among other universities that provide English-taught MBBS programs. In addition, Dalian is very beautiful seaside city.


Duration: 6 years
Tuition fee: RMB32000 (about 5160USD) per year
Location: Wuhan

Wuhan University is one of top 10 universities in China. Since its establishment in 1893, Wuhan University has cultivated more than 300 thousand professional talents in various occupations. They have made great contribution to the national construction and social advancement. The remarkable achievements of Wuhan University have won itself an extensive international reputation. In 1999, the world renowned journal Science listed Wuhan University as one of the most prominent institutions of higher education in China. Besides, It is honored as the "Most Beautiful University in China."

Duration: 6 years
Tuition fee: RMB35000 (about 5500USD) per year
Location: Beijing

This university was founded in 1960 and there are 10 medical schools within. It is famous for its full medical disciplines and powerful teaching facilities. In recent five years, many teaching achievements in the university were awarded "National Award of excellence". Besides, this university focuses on academic exchanges and often invites medical professors from abroad to give lectures to their students.

But there is another RMB18650 management fee for the 1st year, for example, medical check up, health insurance, residence permit for the first year, dorm deposit, test books for the first year, lab charges, lab coat, etc.
Duration: 6 years
Tuition fee: RMB40000 per year (about USD6600 per year)
Location: Xi’an
This university is one of the earliest founded universities in China and also one of the top 10 comprehensive universities in China. There are 8 hospitals affiliated to this university for medical students to do practice. It is famous for its large education scale of international students and high teaching quality. Moreover, this university is located in Xi’an, which is one of the oldest tourist cities in China with more than 3100 years of history. For example, one of the world eight wonders, Terracotta Army, is in this city.
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