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Project 985 is a constructive project for founding world-class universities in the 21st century conducted by the government of China.
Project 985 is a constructive project for founding world-class universities in the 21st century conducted by the government of China. The Project reflects a conscious strategy to concentrate resources on a handful of institutions with the greatest potential for success in the international academic marketplace. Also, the Project implies recognition that China will probably fail to develop 100 internationally recognized institutions, at least in the short run.
Supplemental to 211 funding are three-year grants that were made available to a smaller group of universities under what is known as the 985 Project. Some observers believe the introduction of the 985 Project suggests that the Chinese government recognizes it may fail to develop 100 universities of world-class standing in the near future as the money has been too thinly spread. 
When it was first announced in 1998, funding was made available to an elite group of 10 universities, including Beijing, Tsinghua, Fudan, Zhejiang and Nanjing. Both Beijing University and Tsinghua University, the top two ranked universities in China, were granted US$225 million each over five years, while Nanjing University and Shanghai Jiaotong University each received US$150 million. The second phase of the 985 Project, launched in 2004, widened the number of universities to 36. 
In addition to developing new research centers and improving facilities, much of the 985 funding is being used to hold international conferences, attract world-renowned faculty and visiting scholars, and to help Chinese faculty attend conferences abroad. Through these international networking opportunities Chinese universities are exploring ways to partner with top institutions around the world. As a result, dual-degree programs and joint-venture campuses are now becoming increasingly common and foreign institutions are more aware than ever of the need to engage with China and Chinese academia.
The ability to offer competitive salaries will be critical for Chinese universities in attracting top international faculty. If they can lure and retain top academic talent then Chinese universities will no doubt begin to perform better on the Shanghai ranking and other international rankings.
985 University list
1.         Tsinghua University
2.         Beijing University
3.         University of Science and Technology of China
4.         Nanjing University
5.         Fudan University
6.         Shanghai Jiaotong University
7.         Xi’an Jiatong University
8.         Zhejiang University
9.         Harbin University of Industry
10.     Nankai University
11.     Tianjin University
12.     Southwest University
13.     Huajong University of Science and Technology
14.     Wuhan University
15.     Xiamen University
16.     Shandong University
17.     Hunan University
18.     China Maritime University
19.     Central South University
20.     Jilin University
21.     Beijing University of Technology
22.     Dalian University of Technology
23.     Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
24.     Chongqing University
25.     Xi’an University of Science and Technology
26.     Sichuan University
27.     South China University of Science and Technology
28.     Sun Yatsen University
29.     Lanzhou University
30.     Northeast University
31.     Northwest University of Industry
32.     Tongji University
33.     Beijing Normal University
34.     China Renmin University
35.     China Agricultural University
36.     National University of Defense Technology
37.     Central Minorities University
38.      Northwest University of Science

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