What kind of visa should student hold to come and study in China

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1.An introduction to Chinese Visa

A Chinese visa is a permitting document issued by visa agencies for a foreign citizen to enter or leave China. Legal basis of visa in China are Law on the Entry and Exit of Aliens and its implementing rules, Law on People’s Republic of China Passport, various visa agreements (confirmed) signed between China government and foreign countries and other relevant rules.  

2.An introduction to Visa Authorities
In abroad, visa authorities of China are all Chinese embassies, department, and bureaus in foreign countries, in China are Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs authorized local foreign authorities and Ministry of Public Security, and Ministry of Public Security authorized local public security authorities

3.Types of China visa for foreign students coming to study in China

1)An introduction to student’s visa(X visa)
 Student’s visa ("X" Visa) is for the applicants who will study more than six months in China.

2)An introduction to visitor’s visa (F visa)
Visitor’s visa (F visa) is for foreigners who are invited to go to China for visit, investigate, giving lectures, doing business, exchange of science and technology, culture and sports, attending trade fairs, exhibition activities and so on, and who take less 6 months’ advance study and internship.

3)Introduction to tourist’s visa (L visa)
Tourist’s visa (L visa) is for foreigners who come to China for travelling, visiting families or some other private business.


Student’s Visa(X visa)

Visitor’s Visa (F visa)

Tourist’s Visa

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