What should students do if the visa application is refused

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When applying for a visa, it cannot be sure that the applicant will get it, they sometimes will be refused. Usually there will be embassy’s seal stamped on last page of passport of applicants whose application do not get through, the seal indicates that applicant with this passport haven’t been issued a visa after having been handled by the embassy.

1. Why applicant is refused to be issued a visa

That applicant is refused to be issued a visa usually due to following reasons:

1) Lacking of application documents
In order to reduce the influence by personal factors on visa application, embassy expressly stipulated requirements for visa application documents, the applicants are required to made up the rest of them if documents are incomplete, otherwise they will probably be refused to be issued a visa

2) Documents provided are fake
When dealing with visa application, the embassy need to make sure if the documents provided are real or not. If they are confirmed fake, applicant will probably be not allowed to be issued a visa.

3) Documents provided are invalid
Documents invalidation can also cause a failure in visa application, such as out-of-date passport, registration date on JW202 form is overdue.

4) Purpose for coming to China remains untested
That the purposes of applicants who intend to go to China remains untested means that applicants may not do as the same with statement on visa application form after they arrive in China, for example, they plan to go to China to visit families or find job even detain with student visa. Why visa officials made above judgment may because of following reason:

a. Lack proof of economic conditions, the income of applicants cannot afford all expenses for their study in China
b. The applicants once have illegal overstay record.

2. Tips

1) Start the visa application earlier if possible (taking student visa as example)
When applying for student visa, students should go to the visa issuing organizations and apply for student visa before the deadline of JW202 form and admission notice as soon as admission materials arrive. If the visa application cannot be handled in time till the deadline, students should tell the university immediately and ask them to issue certificate of deferred registration for visa application.    

2) Get all the materials ready
The students should consult with local visa issuing organizations about specific requirements for application documents in advance, and prepare all these documents according to the requirements.

3) Provide valid and real documents
The application documents must be true and valid so as to apply for a visa successfully, otherwise it will be likely to be refused even have effect on the visa application next time.

4) Clearly and definitely indicate the plan and intention of coming to China when is being interviewed
That students clearly and definitely indicate the plan and intention of coming to China during the interview is also important for successful visa application.


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