How to Apply for a Residence Permit (Work Visa) in China


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When you decide to work in China and find a place to live temporarily, you need a resident permit or work visa. The following are what you should know about the application procedure.
Documents to be Provided
1. Fill the "Foreigner Visa and Residence Permit Application Form", hand in one photo of two inches size;
2. Valid passport both original and copy;
3. Working company application letter;
4. The original and copy of business license, organized code certificate from working company;
5. Provide "Foreigner Temporary Residence Form "both original and copy (get from local police station or hotel where you located).
6. "Foreigner Employment Certificate” or "Foreigner Expert Certificate";
7. Healthy certificate.
Explanation to the provided documents
1. The employee should provide the "Foreigner Employment Certificate", get from entry-exit employment administration section of Heilongjiang work and society protection department;
2. The relative of the employee should provide the invitation letter from the company, couple should provide marriage certificate;
Important Notice
1. Applying for Residence Permit for the first time, the applicant must come in person.
2. The documents which provided from the outside border organization must be confirmed by the Chinese Counsel with the official stamp.
3. All the documents provided from the company or police station must add the official stamp.
4. Filling the form must use a pen with blue or black ink, and write the exact contact phone number, writing documents and copy materials must use A4 type paper.
5. The applicant will withdraw your passport with the receipt in person after five working days.

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