How to Apply the Residence Permit


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I. The procedure of applying the residence permit.

A. Basic documents are needed
a. valid passport
b. the temporary accommodation registration form issued by the local police station or the hotel which you checked-in
c. Accurately fill out the "Visa or Residence Permit Application Form" and affix the official seal of the institution, and affixed to a recent 2-inch bareheaded photos
d. the official letter that with clear duration from the institute which the student attend in, the admission notice, JW202 or JW201 form.
e. foreigners more than 18 years old and apply thr permit for the first time need to provide the health certificate issued by the designated health department.

Note: All the documents mentioned above are required original and photocopy, the foreign personnel with Chinese nationality or didn’t cancel the account in China, should cancel the Chinese account or with drawling from the Chinese membership, and apply the permit with the relevant documents after that. The applicant should go to the public security authorities and conduct the application process personally. You can apply for a residence permit for the same period of study in China, when the duration is inconsistent with the duration indicated by the institute, the final reply comments of the institute shall prevail.

B. The organs responsible for the application.

The local police station that the school under the jurisdiction of.

C. Service fee
It depends on the duration you applied and the specific condition of the city you live in. You need to consult the local organs for the details.

II. The procedures and requirements of the residence permit extension.

Students need to apply the extension for extending the duration of study.

Basic documents of extension application
A. The valid passport of the student (with at least two blank pages) and visa, non-ordinary passport holder should apply the ordinary passport first.

B. Foreigner residence permit application form with completed personal information, affix with a recent 2-inch photo without wearing hat and signature of the applicant.
C. Temporary Residence Registration Certificate or a copy of the original, the certificate should issued by the reception desk of the students apartment if you live in the campus, if you live off the
campus, it should issued by the local police station.

D. The residence permit issued by the university.

Note: The extension application must be conducted within the existing residence permit is valid, if the permit is overdue, the student would be imposed a fine by the local police station. eg. Students would be imposed a fine in the amount from 500yuan to 5000yuan per day. In addition, the student should pay the tuition fee for the continuing study.

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