Top 3 Famous Ski Resorts near Beijing

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It is a popular trend for people to go skiing in Beijing nowadays. If you are a ski lover in Beijing, you can experience the interesting of skiing in the following 3 famous places which near Beijing.
Nanshan Ski Village
Located in Miyun County, Beijing, about 80Km from downtown, the Nanshan Ski Village, has assorted trails, some 3000 pairs of skiing equipment for rental, and over 150 snowboards. With 1318 meters of Toboggan Runs crossing 9 highs, one bridge, and 5 jumping segments, it has a skiing school with 40 international instructors. The resort itself boasts of 8 trails for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers, and the first Halfpipe of international standard as well as the China first Mogul's advanced trail, and the first snow football ground for six players. Accommodation is available in the ski resort at Shirton Villas, which has 24 double rooms, all equipped with fireplace at the Nanshan Skiing Club.
Huaibei Ski Resort
Huaibei Ski Resort s located at the Jiugukou natural scenic spot, 70Km from Beijing, about one hour driving by private car, and is also known as being the part of Jiabianlou - the only rectangle tower of the Great Wall. Huaibei is the biggest ski resort in Beijing with the longest run, covering in total more than 30,000sprare meters. The ski trails at Huaibei International Ski Resort are more than 3,100 meters long in total, with a drop elevation of 238 meters. The ski trails are made up of two advanced trails & two intermediate trails, and another four beginner's tracks. The cableway is 1,200 meters in total.
Jundushan Ski Resort
Jundushan Ski Course is located in the famous Xiaotangshan Spa in Changping, Beijing. It is the ski course nearest to the downtown area from which it is just more than 30km away. It features a snow-covered area of 150,000 square meters and all-around service facilities with a total area of more than 6,000 square meters, making it one of the largest ski courses in Beijing. It boasts more than 4,000m of primary, intermediate and advanced ski lanes on the hillside that are designed strictly in line with international standards and physical characteristics of Chinese. Among them, the two nearly-1,000m intermediate lanes with 20 different kinds of gradients meet the needs of intermediate skiers who want to show off their skiing skills. With a relative fall of 247m, the 1,200m advanced lane features a maximum gradient of 40 percent, making it an ideal lane for showing the skills of advanced skiers.   

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