Colorful Nightlife in Guilin

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Guilin has a very active night life. Various nights show featuring the colorful ethnic culture of the region are staged every night in theaters or hotels. Numerous dance clubs, coffee shops, and pubs are open late into the night.

Show of Impression Liusanjie
Show of Impression Liusanjie is a great performance in a natural stage. It took Mr. ZhangYimou (the chief director of the project) three and half years to finish the project with his university acknowledge talent and creativity. It is a creative combination of the hills and water with the minority culture. The show takes on the Li River with the Shutong Hill and 12 other peaks around as its background. It makes a different visual effect from the traditional theatre. All the actors of the show are local peasants.
Dragon Nationality Show
It is a world standard show telling the story in music dance and song; of the mystical creation of the Dragons Back Mountains and the people who inhabit this fascinating place near Guilin. The staging and use of lights and special effects compliment the dancing that incorporates imaginative and well executed acrobatics from the cast who are obviously highly trained and very skilled. A highlight of the show is the wonderful costumes that depict the dress of a number of the ethnic minorities that live in this beautiful mountain area. The songs and dancing are based on the customs of these peoples who have their own unique lifestyle and culture part from the majority of Chinese people. The show runs for about 1 hour 10 mins.
Dreamlike Li River
The show commences with a burst of light and sound and the pace continues at an extraordinary pace for the 3 acts that make up the production. The highlights of the show were the fantastic costuming and great aerial acrobatics. The showcases the skill of Chinese acrobats who perform almost conceivable type of acrobatic maneuver. The show is tied together by ballet sequences that tell the story in dance. The show includes some very imaginative lighting effects with exciting orchestration which combines with the other elements of the show to make a very entertaining night's entertainment and well worth the admission fee.
Baidu Recreation
Baidu Recreation lies at the banks of Lijiang River with fantastic landscapes. It accounts over 3000 square meters. The first floor is slow-rhyme music saloon featuring the style and rich connotation of European culture. Moreover, there are high level DJ and singers. Every night in the saloon you will be introduced to the hall of world classic and fashion music. On the second floor are KTV mini-balconies like luxury saloons; and the third floor stands the KTV business office on the unique Lijiang landscape.
Wanghu Pavilion Tea Art Cafe
Wanghu Pavilion Tea Art Cafe is located at the bank of Guihu Lake. It enjoys exquisite landscape nearby and elegant lay out inside. There are acoustic appliances, television, and broad band network service. It is appropriate for consumers of different social status, various banquets, and meeting reception. The major line of the Cafe includes fashion drinks (such as tea and coffee), original refreshments, tea meal, and special snacks, etc.

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