Colorful Nightlife in Hangzhou

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After daytime excursions to lakes and mountains in Hangzhou, visitors should go to the lakeside to enjoy the music fountain. The grand jets combined with neon lights make the water scenery totally different from that in the daytime.
Evening of Westlake Performance
On the base of picturesque gardens and historic architecture in Hangzhou, combinated with nature and vogue, history and modern, the Evening of Westlake is a place where can take a leisuerly life with meal, retail, culture and recreation which are international and famous in the world.
Gudang Agricultural Products Market
Visit the fascinating Gudang Agricultural Products Market to experience day life of Chinese people and see the amazing rage of products.
Kana Pub
It is a typical European style bar which frequents by a great number of foreigners. Cocktails are decent and often accompanied by live music.
It is a typical Irish-characteristic bar embodied from its wine varieties to the fitment style. In such a bar, you can taste the significant space-span and time-span as if you are in the very country--Ireland. The red beer here is unique in Hangzhou.
Traveler's Pub
The Traveler's Pub lives up to its name, drawing on backpackers as well as students from the nearby Hangzhou Academy of Art and staging music—generally folk or jazz—on weekends.

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