Colorful Nightlife in Sanya

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The night of Sanya is really special. Most people, who travel in Sanya, just wander around the hotels. Actually, the connotation of that city is not only seen in the scenic areas, but also in others which have to be tasted and felt by your own. You can go to the Bujianbusan Bar to drink the fine wine while appreciating the melodious music, go to the Nantian Hot Spring to make your body relaxed, and go to the Ziyou Ren Lounge Bar to appreciate the colorful seashells and wind-bells made of seashells on the ceiling or around the walls.
Bujianbusan Bar
Bujianbusan Bar is located next to the second city government office building on No 1 Hexi Road. It got its name from a well-known movie to make it more familiar to people. You can meet old classmates and friends, listen to the lyrical music, and taste wine products, enjoying the wonderful life. Sometimes in weekends, there will be invited hip-hop, guitar, and singing performances, during the process of which the style of it, fashion and leisure, is well reflected.
Ziyou Ren lounge Bar
Ziyou Ren Lounge Bar is located in No.1 Hexi Road near Bujianbusan Bar. Entering the bar, you will feel like being in the seabed world. There are colorful seashells and wind-bells made of seashells on the ceiling or on the walls. In the middle of the windows near the street is a big fish tank with a variety of strange colored tropical fish. Some guests are often invited to make on-site performances on some special days and guitar playing is the retaining program performed almost every day.
Nantian Hotspring
In Nantian Hot Spring, there are 34 hot spring pools, and the water temperature is 56 ℃. The water there is high in salinity, containing a variety of minerals and trace elements which are good for humans' body. Nantian geothermal hot spring is low-temperature thermal mineral water, the average temperature of which is 57 ℃. The content of fluoride in the water is 2.04-7.7mg / L, and the radon content is 44.36-59.86Bq / L, meeting the standard depth of the mineral water.
Qixianling hotspring
Qixianling Hot Springs, located in Qixian Ling which is 9 km away from the Baoting County, is one of the largest hot springs of Hainan with suitable lapse rate, clean air and quiet environment. There are a number of hot springs resorts, vacation and leisure places for tourists providing activities such as spa rehabilitation, sight-seeing, mountaineering, and so on. There are also flying waterfall, gurgling water, clean lake, fragrant orchard, a mysterious forest and pastoral scenery and ethnic customs, and so on, which together make this place an attractive tourist destination.

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