Exciting Entertainment to Relax Yourself in Sanya

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The entertainment in Sanya is really colorful and wonderful. The main items are ocean sports, golf, hot spring, and bars. With the good condition for diving, you can dive with a coach leading the way. You can also go fishing and sightseeing on the ship. With rosy clouds hanging in the sky, and the sound of surf coming far and near, you can feel really quite and comfortable.
As a well-known tropical coastal tourist city of China, Sanya is rich in marine tourism resources. Yalong Bay, Dadonghai tourism zone, Sanya Bay, West Island beach, and other scenic areas are all renowned for the white sand and crystal water at home and abroad. It is said that Sanya has become one of the largest tourist diving reception cities in the world. Diving will give you a feeling of detachment as well as the chance to enjoy this beautiful world. It is so quiet that you can only hear the sound of your own breathing while going to the seabed in the fairy tale world.  
Dipping in hot springs is a very good method to relieve the summer-heat. When you are soaking in the hot springs, the pores will be open soon and the body heat can be released through the repeated soaking. The heat of your will be released and you will feel as if you are eating mints. Moreover, hot springs is always located in the scenic areas with good vegetation, which is also very suitable for summer recreation. After enjoying the hot spring, bathing in the breeze of the mountain and admiring the beautiful scenery would surely give you the coolest feeling of the summer.
Sanya, a well-known coastal city of China, possesses graceful scenery free air, and clear water, all of which create a tropical marine life. Sanya has a water area of 5000 square kilometers and a coast line of 209 meters. The sea with moderate temperature, little pollution and a wide variety of marine materials, is particularly suitable for coral growth and marine fish breeding. All of those make Sanya a good place for fishing. You will surely enjoy yourself by fishing there.
Museums & Galleries
Sanya is home to China's largest private museum: The Sanya Zhuoyuetianya Museum of Paleontologic Fossils contains more than 300 fossils, including some impressive dinosaur bones (great for the kids). There's also a smaller Shell Museum located in east Yalong Bay. Most of the shells can be found either on the beach or at the countless number of gift shops located in the area, but check it out if you'd like to see them all at once and on display.

Festivals & Events
Sanya is home to an increasing array of festivals and glitzy events, from frequent Miss World pageants to the World's Strongest Man competition to the curious annual mass-wedding Ends of the Earth Marriage Festival. In November, crews from around the world compete in the Sanya Sailing Race on the waters of Dadonghai Bay. Getting off the beach, the September Nan Mountain Culture Festival celebrates health and longevity with dance performances, mountain climbing and Tai-chi exhibitions among other activities. A new entry to the island's annual schedule is the April Yalong Bay Beach Jazz Festival, and more events promise to develop as Sanya solidifies its reputation as China's tropical playground.

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