Five Best Car Campsites in China

December 18,2008 Editor:Kerry Lee|

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If you dislike traveling along with the tourist group, why not choose the open country camping? Carry your tent, far away from the city noise, and pitch it in the open country to pass several nights, fish, make an on foot travel or something. Perhaps such a journey is more meaningful.
Wetland Camping Park
Located within the boundaries of Lingshou County Hebei Province, the Wetland Camping Park is the first wetland theme park for camping. This Shahu Wetland camping park, occupying an area of over 10,000 acres, is the first domestic five-star automobile site for camping, in which 50% area is covered by reeds and water. It is a vacation resort integrating primitive natural characters and styles and the only automobile site providing the high-level camping water heating, the electric power as well as the standard service at present. Tourists have such activities as lodging, the sand beach all-terrain vehicle, the aquatic drift, the development training, riding a horse, rowing a boat and so on.
Caishan International Automobile Demonstration Camp
Located between Taishan and Qufu, the camp is one of the domestic demonstration camps in Shandong Caishan Tourism Area. The transportation position there is extremely convenient and important. Caishan Tourism Are is rich in ecology vegetation, and the natural scenery is exquisite. There are famous Dawen River and the egret nature protected area, the mountain high elevation is more than 360m, which suits the mountaineering specially. Development and movements on foot suit the automobile camping.
Mountain Automobile Camp
Located in Ji County Tianjin Province, the Mountain Automobile Camp covers an area of over 170mu. The sheer precipices and overhanging rocks standing in great numbers formed the ideal natural sport place. The camp has a tent battalion that is able to hold hundreds of people and set up 10 berth specialized saloon car battalions and nearly one hundred automobile camping berths. Also there are the biggest standard rock climbing spot and the natural dike for young people’s rock climbing. Using the nature fluctuation topography, it established the natural racecourse for the mountainous region vehicle.
Gold Coast International Automobile Camp
Located in the national 4A level traveling scenic area in the Dalian Jinshitan Gold Coast, the camp has the first-class environment and beautiful sceneries. 4,300,000 square meters green spaces, over 80 stone landscapes, 10 kilometer-long Binhai lover footpath and the mountaineering view sea footpath are the fashionable projects after the golf club, the hunting club, the horse-riding club, kingdom of Discovery Theme Park and martial arts model performance. The automobile camping battalion includes the seashore, the sand beach, the lawn, and the forest and is divided into five great merit energy regions: the sea entertainment, the sand beach leisure, the trailer camp, the tent battalion and the service safeguards. The camp can simultaneously admit 60 saloon cars, 50 self-driving vehicles and 2,000 campers.
Laoshan Forest Automobile Park
Drive from Nanjing district, you need only 1 hour to get there. The park covers an area of 150 acres and is divided into three bulks: the automobile plate mountain road, the automobile camping and the location cross country. Changlinjianpanshan Road, established especially for drivers, is approximately 8 kilometers long. According to the international popular automobile camping area construction request, the automobile camping area has the open lawn, best electricity, launches facility as well as the processing system for trash and excretion. In order to satisfy those tourists who are interested in mountain cross country, the park also set up a cross country base, making use of the original Laoshan facilities.


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