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Each region of local people has their own folkways and customs, which they will show in a certain way. The following ten festivals, of which you may never hear about, are celebrated by local people of Sanya every year. Let’s see what they are.
The New Year’s Day
(Jan. 1 in Gregorian Calendar)
Greeting the First Sunrise of the New Century and one Thousand People’ Morning Taiji Exercise Spring Festival.
Global Taiji Boxing Show
(Mar. 22~Mar. 26 in Gregorian Calendar)
Exercise Chinese Taiji. Principle: To carry forward Chinese people’ traditional culture, promote scientific physical build-up, popularize Taiji exercise to the whole world and enhance global cultural exchanges.
March the Third of Li and Miao Nationality
(Mar. 3 in Chinese Lunar Calendar)
March the 3rd is the grand festival of Li and Miao Nationality. During the festival various actives are occupied, and you can learn through your own experience about the folk customs of the minor nationality
Nanshan Temple Fair
(Apr. 12 in Gregorian Calendar)
Sponsored by Hainan Nanshan Tourism Development Co, Ltd. It’s a large traditional cultural activity integrated with sightseeing, Buddhist culture and folk custom.
The Dragon –boaters Festival (DuanWu Festival)
(May 5 in Chinese Lunar Calendar)
Dragon-boaters sent by all sport divisions in Sanya area gather in Sanya, ready for a series of deagon-boat races. Zongzi is a traditional food.
The End of the Earth Moon Happy Festival
(Aug. 15 in Chinese Lunar Calendar)
At the End of the Earth. A party, titled “get-together at the End of the Earth under the Bring Moon Hanging above the Sea” in held in the End of the Earth Sightseeing Zone. The party is comprised of lantern show, folk song singing competition and folk dance.
New Silk Road Model Competition of China
(Sep. 7—13 in Gregorian Calendar)
New Silk Road China Model Contest is regarded as the largest specialized model competition in China. Two Contests were successfully held in Sanya and now Sanya has become the permanent venue of this Contest.
China Nanshan Longevity Culture Festival
(Sep. 9 in Chinese Lunar Calendar)
According to the investigation, the average life expectancy in Sanya is the longest in China. During the festival, a large-scale cultural entertainment show is held in Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area. Longevity people aged over 100 years go hiking up to the Nanshan Mountain towards a stele bearing a big Chinese character meaning "Longevity", which was written by the Chinese Queen mother Cixi, to celebrate China's traditional Chongyang festival.
Sanya International Wedding Festival, China
(Nov. 10—20 in Gregorian Calendar)
Sanya, known as the deer city because of the beautiful love story, is a good place for holiday wedding ceremony and for newly-married couples to spend their honey-moon. Sanya International Wedding Festival is held in Sanya in November every year.
The Christmas Day
(Dec. 25 in Gregorian Calendar)
All hotels and scenic attractions offer a large variety of celebrating programs which merge the western culture into the sightseeing in Sanya and endow visitors with a good time soaked in romance and carnival.

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