Top Five Popular Taoist Temples in China

December 18,2008 Editor:Kerry Lee|

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The Taoist temple is a place to hold each religious rite as well as live. If you want to come into contact with Taoist in China, the following five Taoist temples cannot be missed.

Baiyun Temple
It is the largest Taoist temple in Beijing. The history of the temple can be traced back to Tang dynasty. It is composed by courtyard house with magnificent scale and atmosphere. Its light, memorial archway and gates have their own features. It is a good place to experience history.
Changchun Temple
Located in Wuhan, Hubei province, it was founded in Yuan dynasty. It is famous for the “three unique treasures” in the world. In the temple, there is the only “map of astronomy” in China, the architectures which are with Tibetan and European style, and Gantang carve which was gifted by Qianlong, an emperor in Qing dynasty. It also has brilliant page in modern history of China.
Yongle Temple
Located in Shanxi province, it has exerted influence both in home and abroad. It ia famous for the frescoes, which have the same fame with the Dunhuang frecoes. The whole temple is with magnificent scale and the paintings with rich subjects and excellent skills.
Wudang Temple
The Wudang Temple was first built in Tang dynasty, enjoying its highest fame in Ming dynasty. The structure of the temple is unusual in that the whole building is sustained by on pillar. There are many other special rooms which are also wealth you to come.
Yuquan Temple
As one of most famous Taoist temples in China, Yuquan temple is situated in Gansu province, occupying an area of 41500 square kilometers. The main architectures of the temple are Yuhuang Pavilion and Sanqing Palace which are the center of other temple groups. A temple fair is held in Lunar calendar on January 9, attracting many people come.

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