Top Five Romantic Bridges in China

December 18,2008 Editor:Kerry Lee|

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The mortals think the bridge is only one kind of tools that help people pass through the rivers. Actually, most bridges have spirits. Each bridge, new or old, has a story, which may be romantic, miserable or sad. Can you feel the romance of the following five bridges?
Broken Bridge
Broken Bridge
links the Baidi Causeway with the shore. It is particularly beautiful in winter when covered with snow. A well-known Chinese love story relates how on this bridge many hundreds of years ago the White Snake, in the shape of a beautiful woman, met the academic Xu Xian for the first time. They fell passionately in love, but a malicious monk forced them to part.
Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge is a provincial landmark, built in the beginning of the Song Dynasty, with length of 140 meters, a width of 6.5 meters, with four piers and archways. It crosses the river of Wu like rainbow. The eleven pavilions in different way make a long corridor. It is simple and unsophisticated. There are corrals and seats on the both sides for tourist getting a view and having a rest.
Maple Bridge
The Maple Bridge, Hanshan Temple, Tieling Pass, Maple Bridge Town and the Grand Canal make up the five sights of the Maple Bridge Scenic Area. The bridge was simple, unsophisticated and elegant. Like the Hanshan Temple, this bridge has been also eternalized by the poem Anchorage by the Maple Bridge. From on the bridge, visitor can enjoy a nice view of the ancient city of Suzhou. Tieling Pass, also known as Maple Bridge Watchtower, was a Ming Dynasty architecture, which witnessed ancient Chinese fighting against the Japanese invasion in the Ming Dynasty. Maple Bridge Town is a time-honored town dating back to the ancient Liang Dynasty, over one thousand years. 
Jade Belt Bridge
Built of marble and white stone, the Jade Belt Bridge is one of the six bridges standing on the West Dike of Beijing's Kunming Lake. The bridge body is built by white marbles and the blue white stones. On the columns of pure white bridge, there are various types of Manchurian crane which are soaring in the clouds. The bridge arch is high and thin with extremely smooth shape. The semicircle aperture of bridge and the water inverted image form a transparent full moon. The picture is extremely moving.
Five-pavilion Bridge
It is a wide bridge across one of the narrow parts of the lake, and is covered by a series of pavilions. There are two pavilions on each end, connected to a large central pavilion.  Scholars of traditional architecture think this is one of the most striking bridges in China because it combines the monumental structure of a bridge with the lightness and elegance of the inter-linking pavilions.  Set in the middle of the garden and surrounded by some of the park's most famous sights and views, the Five Pavilion Bridge is not only interesting to look at, but also a great place to admire the garden.  Under the bridge's pavilions you can look out over the rippling lake and the willows and pavilions along the shores.

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