Rules on Exhibit Management in China

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Nowadays, there are many exhibitions in China. If you want to hold an exhibition, you should pay attention to the Exhibit Management in China.
Nowadays, there are many exhibitions in China. If you want to hold an exhibition, you should pay attention to the Exhibit Management in China.
1. The China customs shall treat all import exhibits as temporary import and export goods. The exhibitor shall therefore accept the supervision of the Chinese customs and carry out specified customs procedures. Exhibits under the supervision of China Customs include:
(1) Goods and articles displayed or demonstrated in the exhibition hall;
(2) Goods and articles required for demonstrated machines and apparatus.
(3) Constructional and decoration materials used by the exhibitor to setup temporary stand.
(4) Films, slides, video tapes, tapes, specifications and advertisements used by the exhibitor for demonstration and publicity.
2. All promotional materials and technical data to be used or demonstrated including films, slides, tapes, video tapes, CD-ROMs, pictures, descriptions and advertisements should be submitted to Guangzhou customs by the exhibitor for prior approval. Without permission from the customs, the aforesaid items shall not be used or distributed. All printing materials and audio-visual products harmful to the politics, economy, culture and morality of the People's Republic of China and infringing any IPRs shall not be used or demonstrated. Otherwise, they shall be confiscated, returned by the customs as per real situation or be forcibly modified prior to any kinds of utilization.
3. In accordance with laws and regulations of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of China, temporary import and export goods shall be exempted from inspection unless otherwise specified by laws and other administrative regulations (Entry of exhibits such as animals and fruits shall be approved after the quarantine). Inspection is conducted free of charge, and quarantine is charged according to the categories and requirements. Related charges are paid in accordance with national standards. Exhibitors who conduct the entry and exit procedures with ATA certificate shall enjoy the exemption or special treatment in terms of inspection and quarantine.
4. Overseas animal, vegetation and foodstuff exhibits shall be validated/ approved by Chinese Entry-Exit and Inspection and Quarantine authorities prior to entry to China. The exhibitor shall be required to furnish to the recommended transporter with exhibits/samples/list of exhibits for approval from related authorities 20 days prior to import of such goods.
5. In case farm products is found not in conformity with related regulations of China Entry-Exit, Inspection and Quarantine and with safety hazard, the exhibitors shall destroy these products immediately and buried or burned in the landfill nominated by Bureau of City Appearance Environment and Sanitation of Guangzhou Municipality. The expense occurred there from shall be borne by the exhibitors.
6. Only exhibits stipulated in the Participation Agreement or with written consent of Canton Fair shall be exhibited by the exhibitor in the stand. The exhibitor shall bring in and submit the following documents to Canton Fair for inspection:
(1) List of exhibits.
(2) All exhibits involving IPRs such as trademark, patent and copyright and quality attestation should be attached with ?°List of Files for Trade Mark, Patent, Copyright & Quality Attestation?± and copies of legal certificates of such trademark, patent and copyright and quality attestation.
(3) Signed Participation Agreement for exhibits not directly produced by the exhibitor shall be obtained from the manufacturer by the exhibitor.
7. Exhibits fall into one of the following categories shall be treated as breach exhibits and shall be disposed as breach products.
(1) Exhibits do not include in the exhibit scope specified in the Participation Agreement or exhibit scope approved by written consent of Canton Fair.
(2) Exhibits involving IPRs such as trademarks, patent, copyright and quality attestation being without relevant legal certificates.
(3) Exhibits not directly produced by the exhibitor being without signed Participation Agreement with the manufacturer.
(4) Exhibits, which shall go through the procedures of inspection and quarantine according to Chinese laws and regulations, are not inspected or quarantined.
(5) Exhibits, without the consent of China customs and Entry-Exit, Inspection and Quarantine Authorities, are sold or eaten on a trial basis during the Fair.
(6) Other exhibits without legal origins.
8. No exhibits shall be retailed in the hall.
9. The exhibitor per se shall not be allowed to display, demonstrate and publicize any materials of the exhibition in any format in the hall or carry out any kind of publicity for the exhibition in any forms without prior written consent of Canton Fair.

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