Top Ten Famous Mountains Rich in Animal and Plant Resources in China

December 18,2008 Editor:Kerry Lee|

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The mountains show incomparable beauty due to the rich animal and plant resources. These living creatures make your trip to the mountains colorful.

Emei Mountain
Emei Mountain, which is evergreen all year long, is known as “the ancient plant kingdom”. The vegetation is luxuriant, and the types of plant reach 3700.These plants make Emei Mountain colorful and create a natural paradise for each kind of animal. Emei Mountain has 2300 many kinds of wild animals, including the rare and precious pandas, black storks, lesser pandas, stump-tailed macaques, Baixianji, withered leaf butterflies and so on.
Tai Mountain
Tai Mountain has 2926 kinds of animals and plants altogether, including such ecosystems as forests, brushwood, shrub-meadows, meadows and wetlands. Moreover, there are multitudinous old trees and famous woods. The extant famous woods with over 100-year-old history reach 18,195, in which the trees with over 300-year-old history reach 1,821 and 24 have been included in the world inheritage list.
Song Mountain
Song Mountain is rich not only in cultural and natural landscapes, but also in plant and animal species. The wild plants reach more than 2,750 kinds. In the Songyang academy the General Bai aged 4,500 has become the state-level key protection cultural relic. Among wild animal resources, there are 7 kinds of beasts and 30 kinds of birds.
Changbai Mountain
Changbai Mountain Nature Protection Area contains various kinds of plants. Untill now there are 2277 kinds of known wild plants, respectly belong to 73 items and 246 branches, including 430 kinds of eumycetes plants; 200 kinds of lichen plants; 311 kinds of mess plants and 80 kinds of ferns.
Baiyun Mountain
The Baiyun Mountain, covering a total area of 168 square kilometers, is situated at the transition region of warm temperate zone to the subtropical zone, and crosses Yangtze River, Yellow River and Huaihe River. In summer the highest temperature does not surpass 26℃. The animal and plant resources here are extremely rich. According to the investigation, there are 204 kinds of animals, 1991 kinds of plants and the forest coverage reaches above 95%, which was reputed as “the natural history museum” by the experts.
Huang Mountain
Located in south Anhui Province, Huangshan Mountain Scenic Spot has abundant rainfall and rich plant resources, thus, it is reputed as “the natural botanical garden”. There are 1,807 kinds of higher plants, belonging to 826 genera 222 families, in which wild rare and precious plants cover 26 kinds, belonging to 23 genera 19 families. In these rare and precious plants there are 10 kinds of national 2-grade protected plants and 16 kinds of national 3-grade protected plants.
Jiuhua Mountain
The forest coverage of Jiuhua Mountain Lotus Scenic Area reaches 75%, and the animal and plant resources is unusually rich, in which there are over 200 kinds of woody plants; The characteristic landscape of red leaves and Chinese hawthorn and even the “the fruits of virtue” can be seen here, in which there are more than 10 kinds of national two-level protected plants gingko, thick plain, golden larch, Eucommia and so on.
Small Wutai Mountain
Located Hebei, Small Wutai Mountain owns rich wild animals and plants resources. 1350 kinds of higher plants and 137 kinds of animals have been discovered here, in which there are 20 kinds of national one and two-level protected wild animals. In the natural needle juniper pure crop, which is rare in North China, there are 1500 kinds of insects and 92 kinds of birds.
Daxing'anling covers a forest area of 7,300,000 male leans. In the forest over 400 kinds of wild animals and over 1000 kinds of wild plants live and increase. It has become a rare paradise for wild animals and plants in China’s high latitude area.
Heng Mountain
Heng Mountain is particularly rich in wild animal and plant resources. There are 807 kinds of higher plants, belonging to 380 genera 86 families. Many rare animals and plants live and increase here. Only in the prominent peak area had several thousand ancient pines living in before Ming Dynasty preserved, in which there are 30 over millennium ancient pines, in addition, there are other 8 kinds of national protected rare animals such as black storks and leopards.

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