Shopping in Hangzhou---A Real Eye-opening Experience

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Hangzhou is justly famous for tea and silk, but it's also a great place for freshwater pearls, local crafts, fans, antiques and souvenirs. Shopping in Hangzhou will undoubtly give you a surprise.
Changhua Chicken Blood Stone
The place of origin of chicken-blood stone is Changhua of Lin'an. It is a precious stone uniquely owned by China. It is as red as chicken blood in color and extraordinarily gorgeous. It is like pretty jade with natural beauty. It is a treasure of seal stone in China.
Dragon Well Tea of the West Lake
The Dragon Well Tea (Longjing Tea) of the West Lake has a history of more than 1200 years. The traditional Dragon Well Tea has divided into the varieties lion, dragon, cloud, and tiger. The Dragon Well Tea is made by picking tender tea leaves and stir-frying them. The picking time is very important and the tea leaves picked before the Qingming Festival (in April) are called "Mingqian" while those before the Grain Rain are called "Yuqian". Both the Mingqian tea and the Yuqian tea are top grade, while leaves picked after them are ordinary tea leaves. The Dragon Well Tea has what is usually called the "four wonders", namely, green color, thick fragrance, thick flavor and beautiful shape.
Dujinsheng Brocade
Brocade is a silk fabric with patterns. The end product is splendid, luxurious with gorgeous colors and distinct national characteristics. Bai Juyi, a great poet in the Tang Dynasty, praised it as "getting the pattern from the heaven" and weaving it in the earthly world. Dujinsheng Silk Weaving Mill, the largest brocade mill built in America in 1922, produces multi-colored silk fabric with Chinese painting pattern and multi-colored brocade with landscape pattern, which have won a golden prize as early as 1926 in the American Pilidelphia International Expo.
Hangzhou Silk
Hangzhou silk is light and soft with gorgeous colors. As early as the Han Dynasty, it had had an international market through the famous "silk road". In modern times, it has developed into more than ten varieties, such as silk,   satin, damask silk, gauze, brocade, spin, velvet, crepe and carbaso, etc.
Tianmu Dried Bamboo Shoots
It is a famous traditional specialty of Hangzhou. The Tianmu Mountain is within the borders of the Lin’an County under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou. It has a height of more than 1000 meters above sea level. It has subtropical monsoon humid climate with clear-cut four seasons, thus being most suitable for the growing of bamboos. The bamboo shoots produced there are featured by thin husk, thick flesh, tenderness and sweetness amid freshness.
Wangxing Fan
Wangxing Fan has enjoyed a reputation since the Song Dynasty, which was called "Hangzhou elegant fan" and was a tribute to the Court in old times. Wangxing Fan Factory produces ten categories of fans: folding fan of ink paper, sandalwood fan, carbaso fan with bamboo bone, ivory fan, feather fan, royal round fan, drama fan, dancing fan. There are more than 300 varieties with about 2000 designs.
West Lake Lotus Root Powder
It is one of the famous specialties of Hangzhou. It has unique flavor and rich nutrition. The area from outside the Genshan Gate to the Yuhang County is the main place of origin of the West Lake lotus root powder. The lotus root powder produced in Tangqi Sanjia village is particularly famous. The village used to provide "tribute powder" for the loyal family. The lotus root is the stalk of lotus under the ground. The lotus root powder, which goes through special processing, is in the shape of flake, thin and smooth, with red amid white color.

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