Top 10 Distinctive Shopping Streets in China

December 18,2008 Editor:Kerry Lee|

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Enjoying the scenery, eating snacks, or buying some gadgets are the main activities for you to do in some shopping streets. China is not only rich in tourist resources, but also the colorful shopping streets. So the following streets will let you relax as much as possible.
From the South East Chang An Avenue, to the north China Art Gallery, the Wangfujing Street is well-known both at home and abroad. The daily necessities, hardware, clothing and shoes, hats, jewelry and diamonds, gold and silver goods, what a variety! The Volume of sales are great, it is the so-called “Raking in hundreds of dollars a day “golden land. From morning to night every day, this street has an average of millions of Chinese and foreign customers. 
Huaihai Road is located in Shanghai, its prosperous and elegant atmosphere made people can not help thinking of the Champs Elysees in Paris, Fifth Avenue in New York, Ginza in Tokyo and Orchard Road streetscape in Singapore; On the street have a total of more than 420 shops, diversification of choice and the exquisite goods made this street became a very popular tourist attraction.
It is a historical and exciting commercial street, people come to Chengdu if do not go the Chunxi Road, just like go to Beijing do not tour the Wangfujing street. It is not only a fashion center in Chengdu, the beauty assembly place, delicious snacks are also numerous, Zhong dumplings, Lai glutinous rice balls, and the spicy barbecue, the price index and the index of the delicious contrast your satisfaction.
It was selected as one of the world's top 10 shopping streets, located in Sai Ying Pun on Hong Kong Island, is a typical Chinatown. Upper Lascar Row is a focus on the sale of relics, antiques and the concentration of oriental arts and crafts. Those who love antiques should not miss it. In the vicinity of the Lok Ku Road, Queen's Road Central and Hollywood Road, distribute a number of people who love antiques.
In this street no cars, motors or bicycles are allowed. The Jianghan Road shopping area runs from the corner of the Dafu market until the riverside. You can find all kinds of shops, restaurants and department stores here. The beautifully paved street, the old European style buildings surrounding it and the lively commercial promotions and performances make the walking street an attractive place to go shopping. Besides McDonalds, KFC and the Pizza Hut, you will also find a Brazilian BBQ, Thai Restaurant and a nice coffee shop here.
It is an old internal street with 700 years history, named after the NO.1 scholar Zhuang Zhensun in the Song Dynasty. Since the years of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, the workshops were found everywhere, processing gold and silver ornaments, make costumes, Gu embroidery, knitting wool and silk balls… so it is known for its sophisticated technology at home and abroad. In 1990 it set up crafts market.
Travel to Xi'an, walk on this commercial street, you will be immersed in Xi'an’s strong cultural atmosphere. The stone paved streets, constructions of the Ming and Qing styles, stone inscriptions, rubbings, celebrity calligraphy and painting, seals, the four treasures…More than 100 stores concentrated here, it is a good place for a direct exchange of tourist and art.
Located in Lhasa's old city center, this street is preserved the integrity of the city's landscape and traditional way of living. It is also the rendezvous of Lhasa's religious, economic, cultural, ethnic crafts, as well the customs of Tibet, a must-go place to tourists. The busy shops, pilgrim’s stream, a variety of ethnic handicrafts all are attractive.
It’s a 60O-year-old commercial street in Tianjin, was once the cradle of business in this place. In the early 1930s, it has become the assembly point of silk, cloth, fur, clothing, stationery, pen and ink, Chinese herbal medicines and small commodities for daily use in north of China. Some of the old and famous brands of Tianjin, such as Qian Xiangyi, Rui Fu Xiang, Rui Sheng Xiang, Yuan-lung, Lao Hu Kai, old Mao Sheng, have focused on the street.
The most famous shopping center of Lijiang and the most bustling area of the city. It provides another interesting experience to your trip. A large number of souvenir shops are located here, selling various kinds of decorations and handicrafts. Some shops are owned locals while others are opened by gold diggers from other places in China.

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