Top 10 Famous Curio Markets in China

December 18,2008 Editor:Kerry Lee|

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The historical culture of China has saved strong heritage resources for its cities. Traveling in these cities, you may have some unexpected gains in some well-known antiques market. Some of the curio markets contain all the kinds of collections, some have unique characteristics, and all of them are worth your visiting.
Beijing Curio City
It is the largest curio distribution center in Asia. The curio city covers an area about 23,400 square meters (5.8 acres). There are about 500 stores dealing with ancient porcelain, paintings, calligraphy, jade, carving, bronze ware, antique furniture, carpet, clocks and jewelry. The curio city is like a big museum, and you can just wander around to get more knowledge about Chinese culture. Your eyes will be dazzled by these ancient art treasures.
Xi'an Curio City
The real rate is the highest level of goods, estimated at 5-8 percent, it is the largest curio market of Xi’an at present, covering an area of several thousand square meters, the total number of the fixed relic stores is more than 260, the booths’ number is over 150. The most prominent feature of this curio city is its strong professionalism, basically one shop, one theme, some sold ancient pottery specifically, and some sold Porcelain, or paintings, ancient bronze mirror, Tang Sancai etc.
Zhengzhou Curio City
It’s one of the three major ancient curio cities in China, it divided into four levels: the first floor is the main business place of the jade and wood crafts; the second floor sells miscellaneous antique pieces; On the third floor, you will find calligraphy and painting works. Every weekend, a large number of cultural relics vendors come here to sell the old junks. There is no lack of high-quality curios among them. So people called it “the wholesale market” of the Chinese antique industry.
Panjiayuan Antique market, Beijing
As the biggest collecting and distributing center of art and craft articles in China, Panjiayuan market is an opportunity those interested in Chinese antiques do not want to miss. One can find a variety of antique furniture, scrolls, the four treasures of Chinese study (the writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper), ancient books and paintings, agate, jadeite, ceramics, ancient Chinese and foreign coins, bamboo and animal bone sculptures, leather figurines for shadow play and all types of face masks used in Chinese Opera.
Shanghai Yunzhou Curio Town
Shanghai Yunzhou Curio Town is the well-known Antique Collection Center of 25 years history. Covering about 20,000 sqm,with 8 stories above ground and 1 story underground in the building,the Curio Town has more than 1000 businessers in its pleasant environment. In addition, the Curio Town is well equipped with the latest facilities. Now it is the largest comprehensive Antique Collection Center in Shanghai.
Confucius Temple in Nanjing
Located in the Zhonghua Gate City Wall, Nanjing City, the Confucius Temple used to be a place to offer sacrifice to Confucius. It is a famous ancient relic in City of Nanjing. Another curio market is Chaotian Palace, the stone lion, the high walls, all remind you the past history. Many others are also of very high art values.
Suzhou Curio Market
It is not a professional curio market, but with other components of shops selling handicrafts and tourist souvenirs, specifically for the tourists from all over thw world to The Humble Administrator's Garden, it located on the necessary way to the garden. There are dozens of antique shops there, mainly engaged in calligraphy, porcelain, and miscellaneous pieces and jade, among them, the goods of the Ming and Qing Dynasty relatively are more outstanding.
Song Xian Qiao Antique City
The best place in Chengdu to shop for souvenirs is Song Xian Qiao Antique City, the country's second-largest antiques market. This place is massive, with more than 500 separate stalls selling everything from Mao-era currency to fake Buddha statues to wonderful watercolor paintings. It's near Du Fu's Cottage and Wu Hou Temple.
Wuhan Antique Market
Located at No. 209 Xianggang Road is a large antique market. Covering 8000 square meters, there is an array of more than 190 stalls and stores sell traditional Chinese folk artwork, chops, curios, Chinese paintings, calligraphy, ancient cions, stamp, and furniture, jade and other treasures from earlier days.
Hangzhou Antique market
There are some secrets that are too good to reveal, and this might be one of them. Operating area of 2,000 square meters, a total of 4 floors, with a fixed-box more than 100 booths, weekend market stall more than 5000 square meters. Get up early and be one of the first to arrive on Saturday morning, and there is sure to be a bunch of things to grab. A good tip is to look at what all the old guys are looking at; they know more than most about what is authentic. Closes in the early afternoon.

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