Charming Journey in China---12 National Travel Routes

28,2009 Editor:Sophia Zhao|

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For foreign travellers who want to experience the unique charm of chinese culture, they may have many choices, for there are numerous popular routes for them, including silk road tour, yangtze river cruise tour, mysterious tibet tour and so on.
In the vast territory of China, there are numerous scenery spots: virility or elegant mountains, ancient cities with long history and modern metropolis. All these are so attractive and splendid. However, there must be some distinctive routes that exceed others in some aspects. Some spots indicate the profound culture of Chinese nation; others may symbolize the rapid development. Considering the representative, feasibility, and the fame among people, we listed the following 12 classical routes, which represent the most Chinese features.
“Silk Road” National Route
Silk Road was a path for business uses in the 10th century, which witnesses the business flourish and historical upheaval of the ancient nation---China. The Silk Road starts from Xi’an in the west, stretches into west Asia and Europe. It is an essential way that connects both economics and culture of the two continents, and therefore its great significance enables it become the unique symbol of China.
"Shangri-La" National Route
In Tibetan, Shangri-La means “the bright moon in the heart”, which refers to an imaginary ideal world that far from uproars, and an ideal place for living. Vast grasslands, luxuriant primitive forests, pure jokuls and star-studded lakes-----all these make Shangri-La “an fairyland in the human world“.
The three gorges are deep valleys that lie on the Yangtze River, with total length is about 205 km. The mountains stand on the sides of the Yangtze River, and the Yangtze River flows around the mountains, they rely on each other and cannot be separated. The water becomes gentle or fierce with the changing of the mountains. The famous poems of Chairman Mao and the great Three Gorges Dam made the spot even hotter.
 "Qinghai-Tibet Railway" National Route
The Qinghai-Tibetan highland is always a mysterious area, which is called “the backbone of the world”. Breath-catching sceneries such as Jokuls, marshes and lakes, together with peculiar religions and cultures of minority nations made this land a dreamland in many people’s heart. Therefore, this route is the new-coming hot route after the Railway’s completeness.
"The Great Wall" National Route
The Great Wall starts from Shanhaiguan in the east, ends at Jiayuguan in the west, and covers several provinces. It is a military defending facility in ancient China, and famous for the enormous quantities and unthinkable difficulties of construction. It witnesses the changing of dynasties and up and downs of Chinese Nation, and the thick bricks and rolling statures whisper the history to every tourist, which made it the indispensable tour spot.
"Beijing-Hangzhou Great Canal" National Route
The Great Canal is the longest canal in the world. It connects Beijing and Hangzhou, and runs through 6 provinces and cities, with the length of 1774 km and a long history of nearly 800 years. It has been playing important role in transportation and it is the precious material and spiritual fortune of Chinese people, and also the treasure of the world.
"Long-March" National Route
This is the most popular route that relevant with the revolutionary war. It prongs the middle land and the west, as well as the north and the south, to commemorate the great campaign of “Long March” of PLA. The incomparable significance let this route filled with strong patriotism.
"Songhua River-Yalu River" National Route
This route presents the landscape and local customs of Northeast China. It provides the tourists with a full view of forests, snow land, fertile field, local cultures and borderland experiences. Focuses on ice and snow travel, cultural travel, and featured with great rivers on border, this route supplies a perfect opportunity to know the Northeast China and border experiences. 
 "Culture on Yellow River" National Route
Yellow River is the “Mother River” of Chinese people. The yellow river gestated the Chinese Nation and the drainage area of the Yellow River is the cradle of Chinese culture. This route goes through 8 provinces from the west to the east, and emphasizes the four provinces of Shanxi, Henan, Shanxi, and Shandong. The long history and affection to China can be easily seen from the designing of this route.
 "The Middle and Lower Reaches of Yangtze River" National Route
The middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River are prolific of materials with beautiful sceneries. Moreover, there are many cultural and natural legacies. This route aims on legacies, mountains and rivers and big cities, and it is a special and ideal route for traveling in China.
"Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Guilin, Guangzhou" National Route
This route connects the five cities that can represent China to the largest extent. Beijing and Xi’an are famous for their long history, and important political status; Shanghai and Guangzhou are well-known for their modernity and urban features; while Guilin is prestigious for its unique geography location and marvelous landscape. This route is a typical and long-lasting one, which is called”classic China”.
"Vacation in Coastal Cities" National Route
On the long coast line of east China, there are numerous coastal cities with different styles and beauties. The 14 cities in this route scatter from north to south, all with coastal characristics and leisure atmosphere. It is therefore the best choice for relax vacations.

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