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The boundless expanse of the Chinese territory is dotted with innumerable sights and varied natural scenery. Five thousand years of splendid Chinese civilization contributed to the extraordinary enchanting beauty of this poetic and picturesque land. If your want to plan a trip to China, you should never miss the 5 popular tourists routes for foreigners below.
Being the holy land on the roof of the world, Tibet is waiting for you to explore its unique beauty hidden in its special life style and culture. You will visit the centre of Tibetan life— Potala Palace, roam through local market and visit a local family. Walking beside the Holy Lake and the Karola Glacier, you will understand why Tibet is called Shangri La – a place so pure, beautiful and remote!
Covering a great distance and landscapes, the Silk Road combines culture, history and nature into one great adventure. You will experience the threatening Taklamakan and Gobi deserts and the intimidating Pamir and Tianshan mountain ranges. You will see stunning terrain and diverse wildlife, from sheep and mountain goats to wolves and mountain cats. Also you could see some of the wildest parts of the Silk Road from the back of a yak, camel, or horse.
Like a sharp knife, the Yangtze River cuts its way through towering cliffs creating the world renowned 3 Gorges as it makes its way to the Pacific Ocean 5000 kilometers to the east. Along the river valley, you are drifting through a natural cultural “gallery”: there is the “plank road” built by ancient Chinese people along the sharp cliffs surface high above the roaring waters. The great modern project: the Yangtze River Dam and of course, the marvelous Three Gorges scenery are the highlights of the tour.
Chinese culture is the oldest continuous one in the world and the very thing that attracts people everywhere. The area in which the culture is dominant covers a large geographical region with customs and traditions varying greatly between towns, cities and provinces. Through China cultural tours, you will experience the unique features of Chinese architecture, cuisine, Religion, music, literature, art, archeology, martial arts and so on.
Once you set foot on this charming land and feel the magnificence of the mountains and rivers, you will remember them for lifetime. China’s natural landscape is really amazing. Famous mountains include Mt. Huangshan, Mt. Lushan, Mt. Taishan, Mt. Huashan, Mt. Hengshan and so on, while beautiful China rivers and lakes include Yangtze River, Lijiang River , Beidaihe Lake, West Lake, Kanas Lake and so on. All of these should not be missed for your China trip.

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