Top 10 Arduous Tourist Destinations in China for Exploration Amateurs

December 18,2008 Editor:Kerry Lee|

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If you are an exploration amateur, may be you will not be satisfied with the cultural relics and historical sites, or the beautiful parks and lakes, for these destinations can give you the feeling of excitement. On the vast land of China, there are many special destinations are worth of your attention, especially the following ones.
Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon
Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is one of the world's highest valleys, and it is also the world's longest and deepest canyon. It sets the world record, known as "the last secret of human habitat." Having a adventure in such place you will face the high-altitude, high-multiple hardships and dangers, not just the need for perseverance.
Ancient Loulan
From Lop Nur to Loulan, this place is getting more and more attractive perhaps because of too many stories. If the stories of Lop Nur are put in order, there will be a long list, in China history, there are ancient Loulan and Loulan Beauty, at present there is Yu Chunshun. Those adventurers who succeed deserve our admiration.
Gaoligongshan - the Nu River
In the southwest corner of China, the complex terrain, the large number of the nations, the unique natural environment created a number of adventure destinations. Gaoligongshan- the Nu River is one of them. In particular, there is a lot of places are in isolation, which are more mysterious. They have attracted numerous explorers’ footsteps, the photographer's lens.
Road to the Sea
From Turpan to Dunhuang, this journey has created the most legendary Silk Road section - Road to the sea. Here is the storehouse of the ancient castles, beacons, Caravanserais, the prehistoric site of human habitation, fossil Hill, the mirage, the group of desert wild camels, as well as many rare geographic landforms. The end of the tour, you will feel the profound charm of the Silk Road.
Qinling Mountains
It’s the climate dividing line of the north and south in China. The mountains are hight and the jungles are dense here, maintaining ecological integrity. From the Guanzhong, through the Qinling Mountains, across the North-South dividing line of China, hike through the China's largest nature reserve group, follow the Takin, wild wolves' footsteps into the barren, inhospitable desert, all of these are the significance of the Qinling adventure.
known as the "Silk Road" in Yunnan and tibet region, the Tea and the Horse Old Way is the Ancient links between Yunnan and Tibet, a glorious chapter if China’s evolution history. Today, this old way left a large number of ancient sites and monuments. The complex terrain of Yunnan, the twists and turns of the history, will bring not a small difficulty to the Tea and the Horse Old Way adventure.
Two Jiang Yuan
China Yangtze River and Yellow River originates the Bayan Har Mountan which located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, that large areas of the ice is their source. With a radius of dozens of kilometers, distributed in more than 100 small watery margins, which has tempting natural scenery. But the natural conditions are suitable for adventure, not suitable for leisure travel.
This place is still continued to maintain a matriarchal society, it is ancient and active extend the life by "walking marriage". The other name of it is the daughter country. Because uneven roads, customs-specific, so to come here to travel, often will become known as expedition.
Three Gorges has long been a famous tourist destination, but enjoy the picturesque scenery by hike is still a danger. Because many of the Three Gorges landscape in the Three Gorges will be sinking forever after the damming, tour the Three Gorges by foot for the last look will be of great significance.
It’s the world's most beautiful scenic areas, only 3 days journey on the horseback, walk along the incomparable Kanas River, Red Mu River, the unknown Valley, primary forests, no man's land, watershed, marsh of the thousand lakes, you can not only become a master horse riding, it's beautiful that you will never forget.

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