Top Five Famous Ancient Battleground Ruins in China

December 18,2008 Editor:Kerry Lee|

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It is well known that the ancient Chinese unification has experienced many dynasties and has had innumerable battles. We are unable to experience sanguinary rule that time, but through some ancient battle ruins, we might also recreate the Chinese history and savor the Chinese literary quotations.
The ruins of Battle of Red Cliff
Located within the boundaries of Chibi City, Hubei Province, the ruin is the key cultural relic preservation organ in Hubei Province. It has recorded a famous numerically superior campaign in the Eastern Han Dynasty between Caocao and Liu Bei, Sun Quan. That red cliff ridge, the endless torrential river, the war traces, the stele carving and the poems that praises the red cliff, is always attracting innumerable ancients. The nearby Red Cliff Mountain is precipitous and grand, beside the river is the vertical top of the cliff, just like a warhorse raising its hoof. In the west cliff there are two characters--- Red Cliff. Though having been encroached by millennium wind and rain, the handwriting is still clear and complete until now.
Ancient Battle Field of Xiaoting
It lies beside the National Highway No.318.And it faces Jingmen mountain of Yidu City across the Yangtze river. It's the place that military strategists in ancient China strived to occupy." The Battle of Xiaoting", "The Battle of Jiangguan" and "the Battle of Rope Bridge" all happened here. Today more than one hundred scenic spots have been built, such as Chusailou Building, Entertainment Barracks, War Drum Platform, Ancient Plank Roadway, Generals' Statues of the Three Kingdoms, Yachts, spring and laser game-machine. It's a scenic area that merges traveling, shopping, relaxation, dining and living into an integral whole.
Gaixia Battle Ruins
Gaixia Battle concluded the war between Liu Bang and XiangYu with a complete victory of Liu. And the Han Dynasty was founded and China became united again. The Battle of Gaixia was not only majestic and fierce but also tragic and unprecedented. Its profound effect is worth reputing as Seven Battles of the world fame, the Oriental Battle of Waterloo. Gaixia site left us a great deal of military culture and a concentration of our ancestors’ military wisdom and tactics which is worth our while to explore and discover. It gives such beautiful stories that they are as thrilling as for us to cherish this in our hearts.
The Ruins of Battle of Fei River
The battle took place on a river named Feishui in Feixi County Hefei City. When During Three Kingdoms Period and Eastern Jin Dynasty, famous battles had occurred here. Now the developed ruins of Battle of Fei River the ruins are located in Bagong Mountain, between the Miao Mountain and Ma'an Mountain. It is the natural camp place for military commanders. The Bagong Mountain in Huainan City is a well-known one with long history and culture. The relic of Huainan Insect Fossils there is regarded as the source of life on the “blue planet” in the world geological field. The Bagong Mountain was approved as the national geopark, the national forest park and the national AAAA level tourism area successively.
The Ruins of battle of Guandu
The ruins are located in northeast Zhongmou County. Here once was the occurrence place where renowned Battle of Guandu took pace and Catching and releasing Caocao; Here is the native place of the Western Jin Dynasty writer---handsome Pan An, who enjoys a good reputation in the ancient and modern time, Here is also the strategic point of national hero Yue Fei resisting the golden soldier to strive for the victory. The topography here is smooth with fertile soil and pleasant climate as well as rich products. Moreover, the water resources here are rich, and the environment is pleasant.

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