Best places to go in chilly winter of China

December 18,2008 Editor:Kerry Lee|

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The cold winter cannot prevent the footsteps of people who deeply love the traveling. In china, there are many places for you to choose, for example, Hainan province is shined all the year, Harbin is with beautiful winter scenery, in Yunnan, the whole year is spring and in Xinxiang, it is with strong national culture. The following are five popular resorts for you travel in winter.
The winter in Hainan, the sunlight is still warm, the sea water is such limpidity, the sand beach is comfortable as before, and you will not find any winter traces here. The marine ships, sunlight, sea water, sand beach, and coconut tree form a splendid painting of southern scenery. 
If you do not fear cold of winter, you can choose going to Harbin for a travel. It has glorious history, is a famous city integrated Chinese and foreign culture. Russia garden with Russia style and the Yabuli ski center is the tourist attraction which you must have a look. 
Except the grape, you also may make a travel of the exploration in Xinjiang. Kanasi Lake is most beautiful place here. The lake is surrounded by green forest, linking with the vast ravine prairie. Under the blue sky, lake just like gigantic plate, the colorful lake water is too beautiful to behold.
The all year here like spring. You can choose a city like Lijian, Dali to make your traveling interesting. Lijiang is shined by the sun all the year, with strong national character and style. Dali has glorious history, rich cultural relic and beautiful natural scenery. Xishuangbanna is also a wonderful choice to enjoy the peacock, experience the Dai family character and style.
It is a city which leaves the sea the farthest. The snow and ice of Silk Road is the most appealing. The multitudinous nationalities, the different custom, constitute the remarkable character and style of Urumqi. The horse racing, the wrestling, and other performance will satisfy you very well.

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