Top Ten Famous Tourist Cities in North China

December 18,2008 Editor:Kerry Lee|

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The North China area has collected many famous cities, including China's capital-Beijing. These cities are rich in tourist resources, unique flavor snacks, ethnic customs, and multi-color sceneries, all of which become people’s main reason to travel there.
As an internationally well-known ancient and young metropolis, Beijing, the great capital city of the People's Republic of China, has abundant tourist resources, with more than 200 scenic spots open to visitors throughout the world. It is a combination of tradition and modern prosperity.
Top attractions in Tianjin are the Huangyaguan Great Wall (Yellow Cliff Great Wall), concession-era architecture, Tianjin Old City, Dabei Buddhist Monastery. Kites and New Year pictures of Tianjin are very famous. One of the specialties of the place is the two day kite-flying festival held in early April or late September.
Qinhuangdao is surrounded by Bohai to the southeast and Yanshan Mountain to the north. It has many charming and picturesque natural sights. In the Shanhai Pass there are many scenic areas around the Great Wall, for example The Old Dragon Head, Meng Jiangnu Temple, Jiaoshan Mountain, and The First Pass under Heaven, The Longevity Mountain, and Yansai Lake.
Chengde has advantaged and abundant tourist resources. Chengde Summer Resort occupies a large area, incorporating countless buildings into natural setting of plains, mountains, lakes and islands to create an impressive scene.
Taiyuan has much cultural scenery. The scenery of ancient classical garden Jinci Temple is beautiful with many cultural relics. The symbols of Taiyuan, Twin Pagoda Temple, Chongshan Temple, sculptured with eleven-faced Kwan-yin with thousands of hands and eyes, and Shanxi Museum are all ideal places for sightseeing.
With distinctive ethnic features, Hohhot is a city rich in famous and interesting historical sites. There are more than 50 temples in Hohhot, such as Dazhao Temple, Xilituzhao Palace, Wusutuzhao Temple and Lamadongzhao Temple, in addition to Zhaojun Tomb, Wanbu Huayanjing Pagoda and others.
Datong, endowed with rich tourist resources, boasts unique natural landscape and historic sites, some of which are listed among the best of China: Yungang Grottoes, Hengshan Mountain, Datong Nine-Dragon Screen Wall, Hanging Temple, Wooden-Structure Pagoda of Fogong Temple and so on.
Tangshan is an important coastal city with a history of about one hundred years and the name of “The Treasured Land to the East of Beijing”. It has created China’s first modern coal mine, standard gauge railway, steam locomotive, and thus got the fame of “The Cradle of Chinese Modern Industry”.
Changzhi has beautiful scenery, there are more than 40 scenic spots in the city, among them, there are 5 places are major historical and cultural sites under state protection, 33 places are major historical and cultural sites under provincial protection. The travel theme of Changzhi is "Yan Di Civilization, Taihang Scenery”.
The rich ethnic cultures, vast grasslands, luxuriant Greater Xinggan Mountains make Hulunbuir’s national culture rich and colorful. The numerous nationalities, unique national customs, precious historical cultural relics and local cuisines add much relish to beautiful fertile Hulunbuir.


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