Three Common Ways for Individual Travel in China

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If you want to have an individual travel in China, one of these three ways could be chosen due to your own condition and favor.
1. Book a full package tour through a travel agency
It is the most comfortable, but also the most expensive way. Everything is pre-booked, including the flights, journey, accommodation, meals and transfers. As with a group tour, a qualified guide from a Chinese travel agency is available in each town to help the travelers put together and arrange a sightseeing program.
2. Book a mini-package tour
The travel agency is responsible for booking flights; accommodation and transfers, while the travelers have the responsibility of planning the sightseeing program themselves. As part of the package the traveler is met at the airport or railway station of each town and escorted to the hotel where they will find travel agency counter. Here, the traveler can discuss their sightseeing plans and if required have them arranged for a fee.
3. Independent travel without any pre-booking
The last option is totally. This form of travel has become more popular in China in recent years, due to its flexibility and freedom of choice. The traveler must arrange everything; the flights, accommodation, meals, transfers and any sightseeing programs. Daunting, as it may seem, it provides a good opportunity for travelers to make contact with Chinese people and enjoy the challenges of the unknown. In order to make the trip a smooth and enjoyable one, you are recommended to book airline, rail tickets and accommodation upon arrival.

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