Four Important Notices You Should Know if Your Visa Has Been Expired in China

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Normally applicants must arrive in China within the validity of their visa and leave in the period of each stay. Otherwise, it is an illegal stay. Those who illegally stay in China may be served a warning or a fine or detention, or may even be ordered to leave China.
1. Expiry of the period of stay
Applicants who stay in China beyond the expiry of the period of stay must apply for the Registration Form of Temporary Residence at the local Public Security Bureau and pay the penalty at the Administration Division of Exit and Entry. RMB 500 for each day of illegal stay. The upper limit often reaches RMB 500. Applicant illegally stays in China for more than 2 months would be considered as to have ill intentions, which would bring big troubles to him. If the applicant has no money to pay the penalty, he would be administratively detained for 10 days and then ordered to leave China.
2. Expiry of the validity of the visa
A visa beyond its validity will be automatically cancelled and no extension no matter how many entries it currently has. If applicants want to come to China again, they must apply for a new visa.
3. Extension of the period of stay
Applicants require an extension of the period of stay for particular reasons must submit application at the local Public Security Bureau during the period of stay. If the applicant’s reasons are reasonable and acceptable, he may be permitted to have extension.
4. Documents needed for visa extension
a. Valid passport and visa
b. One recently-taken two-inch, bareheaded, full-faced photo
c. Official letter from the organization
d. Visa and Residence Permit Application Form with an official seal
Applicants hold L Visa must submit
1) Aliens coming to China for sightseeing must submit identifications such as cash, traveler's checks, drafts or bank cards calculated on the basis of USD 100 per day to prove they are financially guaranteed for their stay in China.
2) Aliens coming to China for family visit must submit their relatives’ residence booklet and copies of ID Card.
Applicants hold F Visa must submit
1) Foreigner Temporary Residence Form
2) Copy of the valid Duplicate of Business License
Applicants hold Z Visa must submit
1) Certificate from original work unit
2) Foreigner Temporary Residence Form
                                         I want to extend my Chinese visa

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