Six Things You should Avoid before Receiving Chinese Medical Treatment


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Over several thousand years of development, Chinese medicine has attracted great attention for its unique and marvelous effects.
Over several thousand years of development, Chinese medicine has attracted great attention for its unique and marvelous effects. More and more foreigners incline to receive Chinese medical treatment when they are caught in illness.
There are four basic means in Chinese medical treatment, that is, “Wang (Observation), Wen (Smell), Wen (Enquiry), and Qie (Examination)”. Of the four means, Wang (Observation) is the most important, because symptoms of the tongue are directly related to the diagnosis and result of cold and fever. Therefore, there are 6 things you should avoid before receiving Chinese medical treatment, so as to avoid troubles.
First, don’t drink milk or soybean milk. After drinking this stuff, the tongue of the patient will become white and sticky, leading to doctor’s misdiagnosis. At the same time, patient is not allowed to eat olive, ebony or waxberry, which will make the tongue black, leading to misdiagnosis.
Second, don’t drink wine or eat very hot or cold stuff. The properties of wine and drink are hot, so they will quicken the flow of blood and qi, redden the tongue and also quicken pulse, causing misdiagnosis of illness. It is the same with hot and cold food.
Third, don’t drink coffee or eat orange and other yellow colored food, which will make tongue yellow, causing misdiagnosis. Patient is also not allowed to eat peanuts, melon seeds or walnut seeds, because these food are rich in fat and whiten the tongue.
Fourth, don’t receive treatment right after dinner. After dinner, the pulse becomes stable, the tongue becomes thin and red, and, certain food makes tongue color changed, so it is very possible for doctor to conclude wrongly. For patient, it is better to receive treatment one hour after the dinner.
Fifth, don’t receive treatment right after fierce exercise. Symptoms after fierce exercise will confuse doctor and mislead him. Patient is suggested to receive treatment half an hour later till he or she calms down.
Sixth, don’t make up or polish nails. Patients who have microcirculatory disturbance have light-colored nails, and patients who have cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease have empurpled nails, which need to be observed to examine the illness causes and treatment. In addition, such symptoms as swelling eyes and eye bags, strange color of lips, red cheek, high or low spirits, and quick or slow reaction of patients all need serious observations.

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