Materials Required for Alteration Service of Foreign-funded Companies in China


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when a foreign company needs alteration service in China, which materials will be required?
Once a company is established abroad, it will come out all kinds of follow-ups, such as annual inspection and alteration, etc. Being unfamiliar with related laws and regulations, it will be difficult to solve the simple things. So when a foreign company needs alteration service in China, which materials will be required?
Services alteration can be divided into many kinds, but no matter what kind of services alteration it is, enterprises need to get prepared for the following two materials:
1.    The Resident Representative Offices of Foreign Enterprises Alteration Register Application
2.    Power of Attorney
The above 2 materials can be applied to related services organizations. Meanwhile, according to the difference of the alternation, different extra materials will be handed in.
Alteration Address
1.    Proof of Correspondence Address
2.    Original Registration Certificate
3.    Representative Certificate
Alteration Representative
Changing approved documents
Authority Letter or committee registered by the chairman or general manager
The resume of new representative, one photo and an ID card copy
Turn in the original Representative Certificate and the copy of registered Registration Certificate.
Dispatching Letter will be required when Chinese citizens acting chief representative or representative.
Alteration Name
Changing approved documents
The legal name alteration certification copy of the enterprises registered by local registration organization
Original Registration Certificate and Representative Certificate
Alteration Business Scope
Changing approved documents
Original Registration Certificate

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