Top 10 Most Popular Job Skills in China

October 09,2008|

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It is easier for you to owe some skills while finding a job in China. The following are the ten most popular job skills and hope you have own some of them.
It is easier for you to owe some skills while finding a job in China. The following are the ten most popular job skills and hope you have own some of them.
Top 1 Problem-solving Skills
Every day we must solve some comprehensive problems in life and work. Those who can find problems and solve them quickly and effectively continue to be popular in great demand especially in the fields of business operation, management consulting, public administration, science, medicine and engineering.
Top 2 Professional Skills
Now, technology has entered all areas of human activity. A large number of professionals are needed to fulfill electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment installation, commissioning and repair in the fields such as engineering, communications, automobile, transportation and aerospace.
Top 3 Communication Skills
All the companies are inevitably faced with how to get along with interior employees. A company's success often depends on whether all staff members can work corporately. As a result, human resources managers, personnel officers and management decision-making departments must try to understand the needs of staff and meet it to the extent as much as possible.
Top 4 Computer Programming Skills
If you can use the computer programming methods to meet the specific needs of a company, then the opportunity you get to work will be greatly increased. As a result, you need to know computer language s like C + +, Java, HTML, VisualBasic, Unix and SQLServer etc.
Top 5 Information Management Capacity
Information is foundation of the economic system in this information age, so it is necessary to equip with information management capacity in most industries. Information management talents like System analysts, information technicians, database administrators, as well as communication engineers will be very popular.
Top 6 Financial Management Capacity
As life expectancy increases, everyone must carefully review their investment plans in order to ensure a comfortable life as well as the source of life after retirement. Demand for investment brokers, securities dealers, retirement planners, the accounting profession continue to increase.
Top 7 Skills Training
Data collected within one day in Modern society is more than that within one year in ancient community. As a result, demand for those who can train in education, community services, coordination and management of commercial aspects have increased year by year.
Top 8 Science and Math Skills
Science, medicine and engineering fields make great progress every day. Demand for those having Science and Mathematics talent will also be a surge in order to response these challenges in these fields.
Top 9 Foreign Language Skills
To master a foreign language will help you get the chance to work. Now the popular foreign language is English, Japanese, Korean, French and German.
Top 10 Business Management
In today’s fast-growing economy, corporate managers’ access to the successful operation of a company’s approach is essential. Most of the core skills on the one hand is personnel management, system management, and resource management and financing; on the other hand, is to understand customer’s needs and quickly translate those needs into business opportunities.

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