Top 10 Most Profitable Careers in China

October 09,2008|

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Many foreign people choose to live in China. If you are one of them, it is better to know the most profitable career in China, which will help you to find the job.
Many foreign people choose to live in China. If you are one of them, it is better to know the most profitable career in China, which will help you to find the job.
Top 1 Salesman
A good salesman’s salary can up to 10,000 Yuan per month or more in China. Generally speaking, in a normal company, salesman’s car is better than the general manager.
Top 2 Computer Software Developer
Analyze the hardware equipment of China, there are total 200 million PC machines, so the total software market needs 100 billion Yuan at least. But China's software industry output value is only 4 billion Yuan in fact; currently software designers are about 1.98 million, with the annual income 50,000 Yuan yearly.
Top 3 Building Contractor
It is predicted that China's real estate industry maybe achieve 10% of the Gross National Product after a decade at least. It can be expected that the construction contractor will be very promising in the next few decades, no doubt to gain considerable money.
Top 4 Security Broker
With the constant improvement of the market economy, China's stock market will be more and more standardized, hotter and hotter. As a result, security brokers will also get more opportunities for higher and higher salary.
Top 5 Certified Public Accountant
In 1993, an accounting firm which was funded by only 6 people developed into a company with more than 30 people in just one year, the annual income is nearly 4000000 Yuan. And by the end of 1996, the company has 100 employees, earns maximum 300 million Yuan per month.
Top 6 Advertiser
According to statistics, currently the average income is about 2,500 Yuan per month for a common staff of the advertising industry, while in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai, the monthly income exceeded 30 00 Yuan. It is expected that in the 21st century, China's advertising industry will be the formation of genuine knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive and intelligence-intensive, the prospect of ads were brilliant.
Top 7 Special Culturist
In recent years, only the foreign exchange of marten runs up to 230,000,000 U.S. dollars, it’s found everywhere that peasants become rich as a result of turtle-raising, snake-raising, beekeeping and mink-raising. As the economic conditions improve, more and more pets and flowers have begun to enter the modern families.
Top 8 Lawyers
The income of lawyers leaps and bounds on the rise. Beijing has more than 200 law firms, 90% of the lawyers’ annual income run up to 100,000 Yuan. According to the concerned departments’ prediction, the lawyers’ income will reach to 400000 Yuan. And at the beginning of 21st century, “understand the law, understand the economy and understand foreign language” is the choice standard of a lawyer.
Top 9 Public Relations People
The real public relation is a modern management model. Today, half of the public relations people are men, the public relations men and women are to equal each other. Communication is an important part of modern society, to engage in public relations as a professional communication, no public relations as a career and be able to truly come into contact with the nature of the times.
Top 10 Orthopedic Doctors and Beauticians
Chinese Beauty Culture started at early 1980, there is no unified industry standard. As a new industry, everything is in its infancy stage, but as to further standardization of the market, and gradually perfection of the legal system, this industry will be hot and popular.

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