Matters Need Attention about Rent House in China


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Most universities have the qualification of enrolling international students will provide dormitory to those students. Some universities request undergraduates live in campus, no rules for postgraduates and doctoral candidates. Some other universities permit undergraduates live off campus. The relevant procedures depend on the specific regulations of different universities.

If you plan to live off campus, there are three choices for you: rent a private house, rent a house in a residential area, and live in a service apartment.

I Choose to live in a private house or a residential area.

A. Live in private house

a) The rent is cheap
b) More choices
c) Simple procedures
a) Housing facilities may be relatively aging, it is inconvenient to use
b) Generally, the location is remote, there are security risks

B, Live in a residential area

a) Better living environment
b) Well-equipped facilities relatively
c) Relatively safe
a) The rent will be higher generally
b) Complex procedures

II There are some suggestions about the two choices above

A. Intermediary is not the only option, there are many Websites can provide rental   services.

B. If you choose the service of intermediary, you need to find out the house rent in the same kind, and then you can bargain with the intermediary for a reasonable price.

C. To think clearly about how long you will live in there, if you want to move out before the stipulated date of the contract, you will be asked to pay a large amount of reparation money.

D. You'd better live in the place near to the university or access to the public transportation.

E. Make sure that the real estate certificate and the valid identity proof are consistent.

F. Query about the specific contents of the rent and who need to pay the water, electricity, heating, gas and property management fee when you sign the contract.

G. Ask the lessor square up all the relevant fees before you move in.

H. Define the rent, the lease term, the rent payment time and payment method, and requires the lessor to provide rent receipts.

I. Made conventions about the ability to sublease, made agreement about early termination of the contract, make the convention on housing maintenance.

J. Make a clear definition about the contract and the compensation standard.

K. Check the damages about the furniture, electrical appliances, and other facilities and make conventions about the maintenance responsibility.

L. Try to sign the contract with the lessor directly.

M. Find a formal intermediary and do not ignore the contract.

N. Be careful about the signing of the contract, ask the lessor to add the terms are needed and remove the terms against to you.

O. You need to distinguish the contract is a tripartite agreement or an agency agreement.

P. Do not sublease house from the tenants, it have no legal guarantee.

Q. You need to see a real estate license and ID card in original, a copy is invalid.

R. The contract must be sealed on the day with the intermediary, or it might be false.

S. Make a list about the number and model of the housing items in case of accidents


III Live in the a service apartment


a) Perfect supporting facilities

b) Great accommodation.

c) Located in the downtown area, convenient living

a) Costly rent
b) Far away from the school

IV If you plan to share a house with someone

A. Choose sharing partner who has similar habits with you to avoid friction.

B. Make a clear appointment about the share of fees.

C. Leave documents and contact information to each other do not pay the rent annually.

D. You'd better change the lock and keep valuables carefully.

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