How to Bring Your Pet into Beijing?


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In China, pets are allowed to be brought into if you have prepared some necessary certificates and follow the following steps below.
Are you worrying about how to deal with your beloved pets when deciding to begin your new study or work experience in Beijing? In China, pets are allowed to be brought into if you have prepared some necessary certificates and follow the following steps below.
To bring your pet into Beijing you will need two certificates:
Vaccination Certificate
This certificate holds the information that all injections are up-to-date. All the vaccinations should be taken within 16 days of departure. The Vaccination Certification could consist of multiple vaccination certificates; this depends on the kind of animal you would like to bring into China.
Health Certificate
A veterinarian in your home country should issue this certificate. There is no standard form for China so your veterinarian should use the international certificate. This certificate should be issued no more than 16 days prior to your departure. Obtain multiple copies as you will also need copies for your airline.
Measures after Arriving in Beijing
When you arrive in Beijing you will have to declare your pet at the Customs Department. You need to take your pet, fee and certificates to the Customs & Immigration Plant and Quarantine office at the airport. You will be charged about RMB1100, the certificates will be examined and customs will give you a stamped document allowing you to bring your pet in. You should remember that there is a mandatory 30 days quarantine period. You cannot keep your pet with you at home for this period. Quarantine officers will come and inspect your pet during the 30 day period, and charge a small nominal fee.
Attached Information
For some common type of animals, the regulations are as follows:
All Dogs, whether bought locally or imported from outside China through a full quarantine, are required by law to be licensed. Any foreign national, irrespective of whether holding a residents' permit or not, cannot register the dog themselves, it must be registered using the ID card of a Local Chinese.
Cats must be vaccinated against Enteritis (E3) within 12 months of arrival into China. You will need a certificate for Feline Panleucopania, and Feline Respatory Disease Complex Vaccinations.
It could be of big help to have a (simplified) Chinese translation made of these documents when you arrive. The Chinese embassy in your country may be able to help, or provide details of a translator in your area. Make sure that the translations are certified copies.

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