Differences on Marriage Concept between Chinese Women and Western Women

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Differences on Marriage Concept between Chinese Women and Western Women
As China continues to open to the outside world, mixed marriage becomes more and more popular, while great differences on marriage concept still exist between Chinese and western women. If you want to marry a Chinese woman, then you should be adaptable to marriage culture and concept of Chinese women.
In the eyes of western women, marriage is a private matter and no one can intervene without permit. They have the right to live with the person they like. But once they find that their marriage is a mistake, they will make the second choice, because it is brutal to force two people who don’t love each other any more to live together. Compared with them, Chinese women wish to live with their husband in their lifetime once they get married. For them, marriage is very important and once a Chinese woman commits to her partner she does so for life; it will take a great apocalyptic wrong by her partner to dissuade her from that commitment. They are incredibly loyal, especially if that loyalty is reciprocated.
Western women desire to get love, and are brave to accept love without hesitation, whereas Chinese women take a complicated attitude to it. They desire a memorable love, but are fear of the sufferings the love brings. This attitude is resulted from the traditional moral concept of Chinese women.
Since ancient times, Chinese people have highlighted the collectivity. Husband and wife should stick together through thick and thin and cannot be separated from each other forever. Therefore, Chinese women are always cautious and prudent to choose their husband. Even though she really loves him, she would take his characters, education, health and career into account, because it is a decision that will determine her life. This is completely different with that of western women.

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