A Nepal Boy gets admission in Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

20,2015 Editor:AT0086.com| Resource:AT0086.com

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Satiz from Nepal got admission into Zhejiang University of Science and Technology with assistance of AT0086. 
He is a high school student in Nepal. Since many Nepalese come to China for their continual student, Satiz decided to apply Chinese university as well. Then he found AT0086 on the Internet.

AT0086 helped him apply computer science and technology (bachelor) in Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. Now, he is studying there, and he told us that life in China is really amazing and he loves China so much.

Therefore, Satiz wrote an email to our manager to express his thanks. He was glad with AT0086’s service about the admission and the future about his life.

鲁亚玲+Satish Nepali.png

鲁亚玲+Satish Nepali.jpg

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