A couple start their Chinese language course and Stomatology under the hlep of AT0086

22,2015 Editor:AT0086.com| Resource:AT0086.com

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This couple’s visa was going to expire soon when they found AT0086. They are worried that they have to go back home and come back again. You know it will cost much, while AT0086 solves their problem.


Advisers from AT0086 call the university, call the students and negotiate with both sides. After about 1-week effort, all problems have been solved. They are studying Chinese now in Xi’an Jiaotong Univeristy, beginning their BDS course in Sep 2015.

鲁亚玲+Elmira Abdi,Amir Vala 伊朗3.jpg鲁亚玲+Elmira Abdi,Amir Vala 伊朗4.jpg鲁亚玲+Elmira Abdi,Amir Vala2.jpg鲁亚玲+Elmira Abdi,Amir Vala 伊朗1.jpg

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