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ATCHINA Recommended Universities - Nankai University

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Since its founding in 1919, Nankai University has forged a strong academic reputation. Known as the "North Star" among China’s higher education institutions, it has gathered many academic leaders over the years, and inspired generations of students, building a model for higher education in China.


1. One of the world top 500 university. Moreover in 2022, Nankai University ranked 75 in World Asian Universities QS Ranking.

2. Strong strength in many disciplines. There are 15 disciplines ranked top 1% of ESI research fields, besides, Chemistry and Material science disciplines ranked 1‰.

3. The university works with more than 300 world famous universities and academic institutions, founded International Research Center with Oxford University, and engaged Zhengning Yang, Robert A. Mundell and some other Nobel Prize Winners, international political leaders, entrepreneur, politician,etc. as the honorary professors of the University.


Bachelor courses 【Chinese-taught】

1.Business Administration

2.Tourism Management

3.International Politics

4.Journalism and Communication

5.Chinese Language and Literature

Master courses

1.Software Engineering

2.Environmental Science

3.International Business

4.Optical and Electronic Information Engineering

5.English Language and Literature


Tuition fee

Bachelor courses: RMB20000/Y

Master courses: RMB35000/Y

Dorm fee

RMB 18000/Y double room


Special Type: Covering tuition fees and providing full living allowance.

Type A: Covering tuition fees and providing partial living allowance.

Type B: Covering tuition fees.

Type C: Provide full living allowance.


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