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Hey guys! When you get to China the first thing you need to do is to get a Chinese phone number with which you are strongly recommend to open a WeChat account. It is a free message alternative to cellular text messages.


WeChat supports sending text, photos, videos, and more. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia S40, Symbian, and Blackberry phones. Its also available on Mac OS X.


In China, we use WeChat for daily communication, debts paying, articles reading even we can play games in it. This essay will guide you how to use WeChat in 3 aspects:


1. Download WeChat

2. Using WeChat  

3. Warm Promotes                 


Download WeChat:


Download: find WeChat in your App Store for free. (take iOS system as an example)





Touch the Sign Up button and fill out all necessary information as required .When it asks you to confirm your number, check your number, and then touch Confirm.    



Verify the account:

It is a very important step for using WeChat. It will send you a text message with a four digit verification code. In the Enter code field, type the verification code, and then touch Submit.


If you didn’t get a verification code, touch “No verification code received?”, and then touch Resend to get another text message or touch Phone Call to get an automated phone call with the verification code.




Using WeChat

(1)Send message: when you click it you can see the message you sent with others.


(2) Add an emoticon to a message: Type your message, and then touch the smiley face button. Touch an emoticon to choose it


(3) Make a voice or video call: Except sending text messages, images, and video, you can also use WeChat to make voice or video calls. Touch the + button, and then touch Voice Call or Video Call.

If the person youre trying to call has not added you as a friend, you wont be able to make a voice or video call.



(4) Pay for your debts: click methen you can find your wallet, in your wallet ,you can find all the stuff connected with money, then click the cardsyou must add a card before use this function.




(5) Post moments: click Discover, you can view a lot information shared by your friends, you can comment or like it.             


Meantime you can also share your life or interesting things with your friends.( there is a camera button on top right corner. Long press to post a text, short press to post moments with photo)


(6) Read article: there are lots subscripts published different information,you can choose some you are interested to follow.


(7) Send red Packet: we used to send red packet to our friends that represents our wish.


(8) Send location: when you are lost, you can send your location with your friend, then they can find you.



(9) Book a ticket: use WeChat to book our ticket. Touch Wallet button then you can see the first page, then touch the Rail & Flights you will get to the next page you can chose flights or trains.   



(10) Mini Program:

In spare time, you can play games in WeChat. Touch Discover you can see Mini Program, touch it you can see a game called tiao yi tiao means jump and jump. Pull down the entering page then you can also find it.



Warm Promotes

(1) If youre not on a Wi-Fi network, voice and video calls will use your cell phone data plan. A video call, especially, could quickly use up your data plan.

(2) When you post, information against Chinese law and regulations is forbidden.

(3) Wechat requires user to login with real name and existing Chinese Number, otherwise you will be suspected of bad guy. 



Our offical WeChat ID: At0086_com

What is WeChat?(How to use?)

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