Recommended universities to study stamotology


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Xuzhou Medical College


This college is a member of outstanding doctors education program and among top 50 medical colleges and universities in China. They focus on medical science and have built many national key programs. Stomatology is a very important and excellent program of them.


Besides, they have a very competitive tuition fee among so many medical universities.

It’s also diversity campus which includes international students from all around the world, you won’t be alone there.



Wuhan University


It’s located in centre China, Wuhan, where is a convergence of cultures, both Chinese and globe. The university is a top 10 famous university in China, also has a good reputation around the world.


The long history makes it a rich experience of teaching and ability to teach many programs in English. Stomatology is one of the excellent programs of them, and they even have their own dental hospital which is famous in central China.


The university has a beautiful campus which is famous for its cherry bloom among the world, where attract many people to visit there every year.



Tianjin Medical University

1. It’s a "211 Project” key universities in China

2.Its affiliated stomatology hospital is the first class hospital in China.

3. They have good cooperative relationship with lots of overseas universities like Michigan University and Queensland University and so on.

4. Advisory Committee of Foreign Experts was set up in that university.

5. It has got 4 patents, several national and provincial scientific awards.


Xi'an Jiaotong University


The university is one of the first universities to enroll international students, also the first one to launch mbbs programs in English. It has most international graduates of medicine in China. Stomatology also occupies a large proportion among international students.


It is in charge of Quality Control System of Medical Education in English Medium.

Living cost in that city is not so high in that city.


Zhengzhou University

This university has its own academy of stomatology, where can enroll international students from all around the world. Their degrees are recognized by many international reorganizations, such as WHO, GMC and so on. It has been evaluated to be the only key stomatology program in Henan Province for 3 times.


It’s located in Zhengzhou, the traffic central of China. Reasonable consumption standard will let you have a comfortable study life there.





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