Rita Roseline Marufu who got admission within one day emailed AT0086 consultant

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She is now a student studying Chinese in Zhejiang province. When she decides to do bachelor’s degree course, but she do not know how to apply. So she googles on internet then he finds AT0086.
Rita find AT0086 is a professional organization, they follow the procedures to help students apply. Frist you try best to know my requirements and answer the entire question that I have. Then i decide the university, Bohai University to learn international trade.
Then I send my documents, and also my friend Esther’s. When she fill the application form on 22 April. Then they get admission on the same day.
In fact, they are just like friends in the everyday life. AT0086 pay close attention to the Zimbabwe gril Rita and Zambia Esther.
And they right thanks to AT0086 consultant Melissa.
I would want to give my special thanks to Melissa who is a strong and persistent agent; she has worked with me without any problems. she is always ready to answer my questions no matter how much i ask. So i would greatly want to thank this strong lady sincerely.

She is pleased he not only get admission in 1 day but also the kind Chinese people. 


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