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ATCHINA Recommended Universities - Tianjin University

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Established at 1895, it's the first modern university in China. During the last 100 years, more than 150,000 students have graduated from Tianjin University and made great contributions all over the world.


1. Tianjin University is the first modern higher education institution in China, it is one of the largest multidisciplinary engineering universities in China. 

2. The university was one of the first 16 universities accredited by the State in 1959. 

3. Since 1920 it has been home to more than 20,000 international students from over 140 countries/regions, and has become one of the best universities to study in China.


Bachelor courses

1. Chemical Engineering (IchemE Accredited)

2. Environmental Engineering

3. Environment Science

4. Pharmaceutical Science

Master courses

1. Chemical Engineering

2. Environmental Engineering

3. Business Administration

4. Civil Engineering


Tuition fee

Bachelor courses: RMB20000/Y

Master courses: RMB30000/Y

Dorm fee

Single room: RMB18000/Y


For Bachelor students

- Qiushi Scholarship: Covering full tuition fees and accommodation fee, with living subsidy RMB 2500/Month.  (limited seats)

- Tianjin University Scholarship: Covering full tuition fees, with living subsidy RMB 2000/Month.  (limited seats)

- Tianjin University Scholarship in Chemical Engineering:Covering full tuition fees, with living subsidy RMB 2400/Month.  (limited seats)

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