Why so many students choose them to study computer science and technology

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  Beijing Institute of Technology

BIT belongs both 211 and 985 project in China. It was famous for the science teaching both in China and in the world. There are many national laboratories in this university for students to do experiments. BIT ranks among the first-class universities for its high educational and research quality, strong faculty teams, and academic programs with distinctive characteristics. The university attaches great importance to developing international and domestic exchange and cooperation, paying great effort in all kinds of joint programs.

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  Zhejiang University of Scienceand Technology

Zhejiang University of Science and Technology attaches great importance to scientific research. A variety of research institutes have been established including Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering, Bio Engineering, Functional Material, Information Technology and Automation Engineering, Computer science and technology, Architectural Design, Structure Engineering, Civil Engineering, Design and Creativity, Industrial Engineering, Dye and Pigment. And there are two other technology centers, namely, the Digital-controlled Process Technology Center and the Analysis and Testing Center.

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  Hunan University is the computer center of Hunan province, which is the only one University of Hunan province that has national demonstration software college of Ministry of Education. IBM, Microsoft and some other famous software companies established good cooperation relationship with Hunan University. At the same time the employment rate is high. This university has rich resource of teaching staff and 90% of them are have oversea teaching experience.

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  Xidian university

Xidian is one of the earliest universities with the specialist of Computer. It has three national key laboratories and over 30 research institutes and research centers. The undergraduate students have took active part in the extracurricular scientific activities and ended with more than 500 kinds of provincial and national Awards. More than 163 high-level talents from this university have been transferred to Electronic information filed. The famous graduates like Liu chuanzhi, Lenovo’s co-founder and chairman. And Li moxiu, the winner of International GSM.

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  Harbin Institute of Technology

If you want to learn science, this is one among the five best universities in China. Except basic knowledge, HIT pays much attention to develop professional practice ability. A number of graduates have become leaders of the CPC and assumed government positions at different levels, generals of the PLA, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. HIT is one of the member of C9 (First league of the most powerful universities in China), the rest are: Tsinghua University, Peking university, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University etc.

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