Mid-Autumn Day and National Day! Together!

28,2017 Editor:AT0086| Resource:AT0086.com

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blob.pngMid-Autumn Day and National Day together!

Family and Friends come together!

Lovely and Lover together!

Everyone together

For a better


2017 Chinese Mid-Autumn Day and National Day are coming together this year.

It will be a greatest traveling time in China. Try to have some fun!


On the other hand, if you don’t have any plan, it’s better to avoid the crowded conditions.


And if you truly do not know what to do at home........


Just give yourself 5 missions: 

1 mission to be happy

1 mission to be healthy

1 mission to be safe

1 mission to talk with your family, and

1 mission to bring you best wishes to everyone you know.


During the Holidays Online Application as Usual:


Please check the deadline before you apply: Click Here

It will be 8 days holiday from Oct 1st to Oct 8th. And we will back to meet you again at Oct 9th morning. Also, during the holidays, if you need some help from us, you can consult with your personal servicer as usual.

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Mid-Autumn Day and National Day Together!

Overseas Students and AT0086.com Together!

Let’s Meet Together Again!


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