Scholarships for International Economics and Trade

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Here Comes Great News for who wants to study in Economics Field.


Scholarships Available:

  • The first year tuition fee after scholarship RMB 9000

  • Start from the second year, students might receive RMB 6000 per year depends on your  previous academic performance perverse

Course Details:

International Economics and Trade

Hubei University of Economics

Qualification AwardedBachelor's Degree
SubjectEconomics & Management
Teaching languageEnglish
Start dateSeptember, 2018
Application FeeRMB400 (USD70)
Tuition FeeRMB16000/Y


It means you might just have to pay RMB 39000 in total 4years tuitions. In another words, saving a Starbucks coffee per day ($4.5/day), it will make your Study Abroad Dream come true.

Now it is coming to the peak time for 2018 intakes. So if you are interested in this subject, you can contact with your previous service or click the link below to apply:

Wish you can get this unique opportunity this year

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