Top Ten Small Ancient Towns Worth Your Traveling in China

Editor:Kerry Lee |

Owing to thousand years of history, China has a lot of famous ancient towns and cities, in order to know more about China and appreciate beautiful sceneries, the following 10 primitive or significant small towns in China will bring a cultural edifying in your spare time of sightseeing.
1. Pingyao
Pingyao is one of the remained intact ancient towns in China, also is natural set for costume piece. You can see and enjoy many things with Chinese characteristics, such as stamp number, native bank, pawnshop, traditional Chinese medicine shop, and silk fabric shop, variety store, and fan, lantern, theatrical costume store. Nearly hundreds of ancient alleys and thousands of folk houses have become living fossil recording history and culture of Ming and Qing dynasties. 
2. Fenghuang
Not only to experience pure amorous feelings of Xiangxi, but also to appreciate guileless folkway of villagers. The wooden houses projecting over the water are sweet like drunken beauty. Large streets and small lanes in towns are full of smell of chili and bacon all the year round, lovey-dovey ladies whirly pass by. Big Dragon Cave waterfall and Yellow Silk Bridge bring never-ending reverie and shock.
3. Lijiang
Lijiang can trace its history to the Ming and Qing dynasties, romantic Shangri-la, jade white Black Dragon Deep, reflections of Yulong Jokul on soft water in the Yulong Park. You may feel yourself coming from Eastern Jin when walking on the flagstone in Lijiang, and go astray to Shangri-la. Buildings are bilevel, houses are dignified, and the folkway of Naxi nationality is plain. Owing to distance from war-flame and modern industry, it is an integral place of Ming’s remained.
4. Yan’an
It is a famous town that changes Chinese history. Although Yan’an is notable to everyone in China, and held in high reputation abroad, the lamps of Yangjialing, lights of Zaoyuan, and dancing party in Wangjiaping are worth to feeling. Touch every piece of massy yellow soil, cross former residence and cave-house, sank into meditation, you’ll be inspired.
5. Maduo
The cradle of Chinese culture-Yellow River springs from this town; you may see No.1 bridge of Yellow River from here. Along the stream ahead, there is a wonderful view of Tibetan pasturing area, grazing are rich, cattle and sheep are in group. If travel in winter or spring, you may broke ice to catch fish, watch hundreds of thousands of migratory birds.
6. Xian
Satellites are shot from here; it is also the largest Satellite Launch Centre in China. Not only to see the huge missile carrier, but also to realize the whole procedure of shooting satellite. The famous Qionghai is on the southern east, lake water sparkled in the sunlight, reed and grass are flourishing, besides, baby pandas are eating bamboo shoot and deers are running in Luoji mountain virgin forest.
7. Turpan
You can see the wonderful view which appears in “Journey to the West” here. Ruined and broken walls, bricks and rubbles make you can’t stop imaging yesterday’s prosperity. The reeky Flame Mountain is also located here. Uyghur nationalities are passionate and hospitable, melon and fruit are abundant. The beautiful views of Grape village makes you forget to be back and the non-core white grape make your mouth watering.
8. Pingxiang
The nearest town to Vietnam, witness the communication between China and Vietnam. When walking on hot and narrow streets, you may see Vietnamese everywhere, they have a dark face and straw-hat on head, Pingxiang, this formerly strategic location, has strong commercial atmosphere nowadays, full of exoticism, even of strange sights and impressions.
9. Zedang
It is well-known for an interesting legend about the trace of Tibetan nationality. Although this town is already ruined, the external strategically situated and heroic atmosphere is still legible. A sense of mystery stole will over, when you eat the spicy rice cake and Qingke tea, watch those Tibetan who have sincere sight pass by.
10. Xingcheng
This is a small seaside town far away from industry. It’s an ancient town along Pohai, also a new travel and heals seaside resort. Cool in summer and warm in winter; there are trees on the both sides of streets, buildings are in good regularity. It has large bathing place which can admit 200,000 people, which is extolled the second Beidaihe. There are pavilion and tower on north side; you can see the sea view from there, the sea breeze blow on the face. The seagulls and ships and all of sceneries come to your eyes.

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